7 Types Of Chilled Lassi To Pair With Your Breakfast In Summer

In North India, lassi is among the classic choices to pair with your meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Curd blended with sweeteners and fruity notes make for a delightful gulp-down experience that leaves a white moustache on your face. The drink perfectly accompanies the spicy and savoury flavours of your meals.

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

Since curd and fruits have cooling properties, this beverage offers respite from heat in summer. It prevents the spiciness in the dish from producing more heat inside the body and keeps you satiated for a long. Here are a few different kinds of lassi you can make to accompany your first meal of the day.

Coconut Lassi

In this season, combining coconut and curd is the best idea to regulate the temperature of the body and enjoy a chilled drink. To make coconut lassi, you need to blend curd, coconut milk, and a little bit of sugar or jaggery. This goes best with a refreshing bowl of fruit salad. You can top the beverage with dried fruits and nuts to elevate its nutritional value. 

Fruit Lassi

One of the best ways to make lassi flavourful is by adding seasonal fruits to it. From berries to bananas, you can blend a variety of juicy and tangy ingredients preparing a revitalising beverage. Serve it with either sweet or savoury dishes for breakfast, and kickstart your mornings with a dose of antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Saffron Lassi

Infuse your classic lassi with saffron, and you will be surprised by the burst of flavours and aroma. Saffron has several benefits for health, and when you mix it with curd, it makes an irresistible combination. If you are planning to have fried food for breakfast, for example, chole bhature, bread pakora, vegetable pakora, etc., pair it with saffron lassi and let your taste buds enjoy the treat.

Rose Lassi

Rose is among a few edible flowers, with an intoxicating aroma, that brings together the flavours in a beverage without overpowering other notes. To the classic recipe of lassi, add rose syrup or essence. Before serving the beverage, garnish it with fresh rose petals. This variant of lassi goes well with tangy flavours of sambar or lemon juice-topped poha.

Mango Lassi

Mango lassi is quite famous not just in India but around the world for its creamy texture and delicious taste. When the curd is blended with mango, it creates a pulpy and smooth blend that marries well with the spicy melange of mint chutney and stuffed paratha. You can also fill a temperature-regulating bottle with it and carry it to your office to enjoy its refreshing taste.

Salted Lassi

Instead of sweeteners and fruits, try salted lassi. In this, curd is blended with cumin powder, salt, and black salt. Unlike buttermilk, it has a dense consistency and keeps you full for long. If you are trying to avoid sugar, you can make this variant of lassi and pair it with a sandwich, stuffed paratha, upma, and puri bhaji. 

Mint Lassi

Mint is considered a holy grail for oral hygiene and makes any dull recipe refreshing. Blend curd with mint leaves and jaggery. Top the beverage with fresh mint leaves and crushed dried fruits. This drink is perfect to pair with spicy meals like puri bhaji, kachori sabzi, mirchi bhaji, and more.