7 Traditional Biulir Dal Recipes In A Bengali Household
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Have you ever seen a Bengali who avoids having dal in their daily meal? Bengalis have cherished a long-standing relationship with Biulir Dal (urad dal). Biulir Dal is definitely a comforting embrace and a culinary tradition passed down through generations. The bond between Bengalis and Biulir Dal is deep-rooted, symbolising simplicity and nourishment.

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Cooking with Biulir Dal is incredibly versatile. This can be transformed into numerous delectable dishes with minimal effort. Its mild flavour allows it to blend seamlessly with various spices and ingredients. Whether it’s a simple weekday meal or a festive occasion, Biulir Dal offers a range of culinary possibilities and a must have for Bengali cuisine.

7 Varieties of Biulir Dal Recipes You Can Find In a Bengali Household

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Biulir Dal with Hing

This classic recipe highlights the subtle flavours of Biulir Dal paired with the unique aroma of hing (asafoetida). The dal is dry roasted, then pressure-cooked until soft. Mustard oil, bay leaves, dry red chilli, and fennel seeds are tempered with hing and turmeric. The cooked dal is then mixed with this fragrant tempering, creating a dish that is both simple and aromatic. Served with rice, it’s a comforting meal often accompanied by fried eggplant.

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Biuli Dal Er Boda (Bengali Style Urad Dal Vada)

A crunchy delight, Biuli Dal Er Boda is a favourite snack. The dal is soaked overnight, ground coarsely, and mixed with chopped onions, green chillies, and sooji (semolina). This mixture is then deep-fried in oil or cooked in a paniyaram pan for a healthier version. The result is crispy, golden vadas that are perfect with green chutney or masala chai. These vadas are a staple during festivals and gatherings.

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Biulir Daaler Kochuri

Kochuri, a deep-fried bread filled with a spicy urad dal mixture, is a traditional favourite. The dal is soaked, ground, and sautéed with ginger, chilli, and roasted cumin. This aromatic filling is stuffed into dough enriched with white oil, rolled out, and deep-fried. The kochuri has a crisp exterior and a flavourful, soft interior. It is often served with paneer or bean curry, making it a wholesome meal.

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Bengali Rosh Bora

Rosh Bora is a sweet treat made by soaking urad dal fritters in a light syrup. The dal is ground into a smooth paste, fried into fritters, and then immersed in a syrup made from sugar or jaggery. These fritters absorb the syrup, becoming soft and sweet. Rosh Bora is especially popular during winter and festive seasons, offering a delightful end to a meal.

Begun Diye Biulir Dal (Urad Dal with Eggplant)

This dish combines the flavours of Biulir Dal and eggplant. The dal is cooked with turmeric and tempered with panchphoron, fennel seeds, bay leaves, and red chillies. Fried eggplant cubes are added to the dal, which is then finished with a dollop of ghee. The combination of the soft dal and the fried eggplant creates a comforting, flavourful dish that is perfect with steamed rice.

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Biulir Dal Er Bori

Dal er Bori are sun-dried dumplings made from Biulir Dal. The soaked dal is ground and left to ferment before being shaped into small dumplings and dried in the sun. These boris can be stored for a long time and are used in various Bengali dishes. They add texture and flavour when fried and added to dals or vegetable curries.

Biulir Dal With Posto

This is a beloved vegetarian dish combining Biulir Dal with poppy seeds (posto). The dal is cooked and then mixed with a paste of poppy seeds, green chillies, and mustard oil. This combination creates a rich and creamy dish that is often enjoyed with rice. The poppy seeds add a unique texture and flavour, making it a favourite in Bengali households.

Biulir Dal recipes are a testament to the versatility and rich culinary heritage of Bengali cuisine. Each recipe offers a unique taste and experience, reflecting the simplicity and depth of Bengali cooking. These dishes, whether savoury or sweet, bring comfort and joy to every Bengali household, making Biulir Dal an irreplaceable part of their culinary tradition.