7 Traditional Bengali Dishes To Beat The Scorching Heat
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Summer is not gentle and the harshness of the season makes it crucial for every living being to stay hydrated and consume ingredients that are soothing and hydrating. In Bengal too the summers hit with a very harsh and high temperature. However, the Bengali cuisine comes to rescue with its myriad of traditional dishes that along with its flavour and taste helps one to keep their body cool and hydrated.

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Bengali cuisine, with its roots deeply intertwined with the region's geographical and cultural landscape, has evolved over centuries, blending influences from Mughal, British, and indigenous culinary traditions. Amidst this rich tapestry of flavours, certain dishes stand out as quintessential summer delights, offering a harmonious balance of nutrition, refreshment, and gustatory satisfaction.

Tok Dal

Tok Dal, a popular Bengali summer dish, that offers respite from the scorching heat with its refreshing tanginess and comforting flavours. Made from split green gram lentils, tempered with mustard seeds, dried red chillies, and a hint of panch phoron, it boasts a symphony of textures, creamy lentils, crunchy tempering. Its sourness, derived from seasonal raw mango, tantalises the taste buds, while the gentle warmth of spices elevates the dish. 

Panta Bhat

Panta Bhat, a beloved Bengali summer dish, offers relief during high temperatures. Prepared by soaking leftover rice overnight, it's fermented to tangy perfection. Mixed with water, salt, and sometimes yoghurt, it transforms into a refreshing delicacy. Accompaniments like fried fish, pickles, and green chillies add depth to its flavours. The dish boasts a unique blend of sourness, saltiness, and a hint of spice, providing a burst of coolness amidst the heat.

Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto, a common Bengali dish, in Bengali meals and it is great to get relief from the scorching heat with its simplicity and flavour. Made with potatoes locally known as aloo and poppy seeds or posto, it embodies a perfect blend of nuttiness and creaminess. The poppy seeds lend a unique texture while the potatoes soak up the rich, earthy flavours. Infused with mustard oil and seasoned with green chillies, it delivers a tantalising kick that ignites the taste buds.


Shukto, a quintessential Bengali dish, offers a refreshing reprieve from scorching summers with its unique blend of flavours and textures. This mildly bitter stew boasts a medley of vegetables like bitter gourd, eggplant, drumsticks, and potatoes, simmered in a delicate mustard and poppy seed paste. The subtle bitterness is balanced by the sweetness of coconut milk, creating a harmonious flavour profile. With its creamy texture and cooling properties, Shukto embodies the essence of Bengali cuisine, perfect for hot days.

Beler Shorbot

Beler Shorbot, a quintessential Bengali summer cooler, soothes the scorching heat with its refreshing allure. This traditional drink blends the delicate essence of bel fruit pulp with water, sugar, and a hint of aromatic spices like roasted cumin and black salt. Its flavours dance between sweet and tangy, offering a symphony of tastes on the palate. With its smooth texture and rejuvenating properties, Beler Shorbot stands as a beloved antidote to summer's relentless warmth, cherished for generations in Bengali households.

Aamer Ambol

Aamer Ambol, a tangy and refreshing Bengali dish served as a dessert, its refreshing blend of flavours makes it a great addition to the cuisine. Prepared from raw mangoes, mustard seeds, green chillies, and a hint of sugar, it boasts a tantalising combination of tanginess, spiciness, and sweetness. The tartness of raw mangoes harmonises with the pungent punch of mustard, creating a zesty explosion on the palate. Its smooth texture, accentuated by the crunchy bite of mustard seeds, offers a delightful contrast.

Neem Begun

Neem Begun, a quintessential Bengali summer dish, offers respite from the scorching heat with its refreshing flavours and cooling properties. Made from tender eggplants and fresh neem leaves, it combines the bitter-sour taste of neem with the creamy texture of eggplant. Seasoned with mustard oil, green chillies, and a dash of turmeric, it boasts a tantalising blend of spicy and tangy flavours. Served with steaming rice, this dish not only delights the palate but also rejuvenates the senses during hot summer days.