7 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly
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Being eco-friendly simply means adopting sustainable means in day-to-day life to create a positive impact for the upcoming generation. One can stay eco-friendly by minimising plastic waste and using biodegradable components. Also one must avoid the use of electronic equipment that releases chlorofluorocarbon responsible for temperature rises and the greenhouse effect.

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Now one would think that it is quite expensive to be an eco-friendly person as one has to make a lot of changes in their lifestyle. However one must know that making small changes in the household can make a very significant overall impact. Here are some practices that one can adopt in the kitchen to make it eco-friendly.

* Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are an important part of the kitchen, as they are used to clean utensils, kitchen slabs and even kitchen floors. One can make a significant change in the kitchen by introducing biodegradable and organic kitchen cleaning products. This includes using cleaning products that have biodegradable bottles so that they do not end up in plastic landfills. One should try to buy cleaning products that come in glass bottles or some alternative packing. 

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* Plastic Bags

Although plastic bags are currently banned in many parts of the country, their usage is still pretty much the same. While buying vegetables from the market, one should carry a cloth bag or a jute bag and avoid taking vegetables in small plastic bags. This is a very small effort that one can make. It is going to contribute massively to reducing the carbon footprints of a person on an individual level. Also, instead of using cling wraps to preserve food, one should use alternative wraps that are more sustainable. This includes beeswax paper.

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* Quality Cookware

Plastic utensils are neither reliable nor strong. But their USP is the fact that they are inexpensive and look good. These are the top two reasons why people invest in plastic cookware despite their cheap quality and the fact that they are non-biodegradable. However, what most people don't understand is that buying cheap utensils doesn't lead to cost savings at all. A person has to keep buying utensils again and again because plastic cookware doesn't have a good shelf life. A person must make a shift and invest in quality cookware for oneself. This is going to be more economical in the long run and also contribute towards environmental sustainability. One can buy steel plates, china clay utensils and whatever other sustainable cookware is available.

* Energy Efficiency

Using energy-efficient equipment in the kitchen is one of the greatest ways of preserving fossil fuels and also being economical. Products like ovens, microwaves and other extravagant kitchen products, not only use electricity but also lead to high electricity bills. One should try to avoid using these products as much as possible and rather make dishes that are more healthy and dependent on natural produce. One should also try to avoid using too many utensils as it leads to water wastage. Also, food wastage is one thing that a lot of people indulge in regularly. One should be very mindful about the quantity of ingredients that they're using and whether it's required or not. It is better to cook less than to throw it away later on.

* Local Ingredients

Buying things from the local community doesn't only ensure support towards local farmers but also helps in reducing the cost of transportation and the fuel used in this process. The frozen vegetables available in supermarkets generally come in plastic boxes. These plastic boxes are non-biodegradable and will lead to a lot of plastic waste. Generally, the local produce is much more reliable and also a lot more delicious than the frozen vegetables available in the market. 

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* Invest In Quality Cabinets

Changing kitchen cabinets again and again, because they have worn out is not just expensive, but also not environmentally friendly at all. So while getting the kitchen remodelled, one must ensure that the top quality cabinets are being installed. Opting for a kitchen that has quality components is going to help a person develop their dream space and at the same time adopt sustainable measures.

* Natural Lighting

Kitchen lighting is also a significant contributor towards the overall kitchen expenses. Yellow lighting in the kitchen has become extremely popular but what most people do not know is that it's not energy efficient at all. It consumes a lot of electricity which makes it unfriendly for the environment. Instead of using too many lights during the day, one must ensure that the kitchen has natural ventilation and lighting. Keep the windows open and let the natural air come in. It will also help eradicate any kind of foul smell from the kitchen.