7 Tips To Make Fried Food Healthy This Monsoon
Image Credit: Unsplash

During the monsoon season, you probably feel the need to eat fried food frequently, and it's probable that you've been overindulging in it lately. Do you frequently find yourself indulging in chips, bonda, or samosas during tea breaks or office breaks? It's therefore time for you to either find better options or quit doing it. These are all unquestionably iconic treats that people like. But the general health of a person might also be negatively impacted by these foods. Here are some tips for making fried foods more nutritious. Still, it is advised to stay away from fried foods on a regular basis, particularly for people following a diet.

Opt Healthier Oils

Not every oil is made equally. Certain types of oil, like olive and canola, are better for you than others, such as peanut and vegetable oils. Greater smoke points allow healthy oils to be cooked to greater temperatures without degrading and generating hazardous chemicals. You can also use desi ghee for its health benefits.

Use Fresh Oil

When frying meals, use clean, fresh oil only. Food prepared with old oil may taste burned. Utilising outdated oil implies that its nutrients have probably also been depleted.

Avoid Cooking At High Temperatures

The formation of hazardous chemicals is more likely to occur at higher oil temperatures. Lower cooking temperatures, such as 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius), are ideal for frying meals. By doing this, you can make sure that your meal cooks through and doesn't absorb an excessive amount of oil.

Use Less Batter

Fried meals can include a lot of extra fat and calories from the batter. Try to use a lighter batter and use less of it if you plan to utilise it. This will significantly reduce the amount of calories and extra food you eat.

Switch To Healthier Flour

To make the food crispier, people usually combine bread crumbs with all-purpose flour or refined flour. Use sooji, oats, or gluten-free flour like rice or cornmeal flour to enhance the quality of fried items instead of refined flour. They will provide you with a more nutritious option with a flavour and feel that is identical.

Invest In An Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to cook food is a terrific way to make it healthier. Oil is not needed for air fryers since they cook food using hot air. This indicates that compared to traditional fried meals, air-fried food has less fat and calories.

Drain The Food Well

Food should be thoroughly drained on paper towels after frying. This will aid in getting rid of extra oil. Alternatively, you may try double-draining your food by setting it over a baking sheet on a wire rack.