7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Lunch Box For Your Kid
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Deciding what to pack in school lunch boxes is a very important task. Parents have to strike a perfect balance between what is healthy for the kid and what the kid is going to like for lunch. One has to ensure that the meal is balanced and consists of all the necessary vegetables and enough protein to sustain the day. 

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To pack a perfectly balanced and healthy lunch, it is critical to have a sturdy and compact lunch box that can fit everything properly and also keep it fresh for a long time. Choosing the right kind of lunch box can make a lot of difference as it helps in the perfect assortment of food and also makes it look delectable for the kid so that they can finish everything. Here are some top tips for parents to choose the right kind of lunchbox for their kids.

* Size of The Lunch Box

While selecting a lunch box, parents must be careful about choosing something that is not too big so that it fits in the school bag properly yet has enough space. Choosing a large box is not the answer to all the lunchbox-related problems. One can simply choose a lunchbox that has a medium size but there is no wastage of space and there is maximum utilisation of the compartments.

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* Not Too Tight

Choosing a lunchbox that doesn't have a very tight grip is important to ensure that the child can open and close the lunchbox easily. Selecting lunch boxes that have an extremely tight grip can make it a challenge for children regularly to open the lunchbox and it also increases the chances of spillage. There are a lot of children-friendly designs that one can find in the market. The lunch box should be leak proof but not too tight so that it opens swiftly.

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* Avoid Buying Glass 

One of the materials that parents must avoid totally while buying a lunchbox for their children is glass. The breakage of glass lunch boxes is one of the worst nightmares for parents. Not only will it lead to massive spillage of food, but it can also cause a serious accident. Since children lack precision at an early age, buying a glass lunch box can be a big time risk. One can certainly buy a nonbreakable material that has the outer look of glass but is not properly breakable glass.

* Avoid Using Plastics

Using plastics for packing lunch for children is extremely convenient, but it's not health-friendly at all. Usually, the lunch boxes that are available in the market are made from cheap quality plastic. Transferring hot food into these plastic containers can lead to the melting of the surface. The harmful chemicals present on the surface of the plastic containers can transfer into the food and pollute it for worse. Instead one can go for stainless steel lunch boxes as not only are they environmentally friendly but also come in a lot of cool designs these days. 

* Not Buying Expensive Lunch Boxes

There are a lot of quirky lunchbox designs that one can find in the market these days. These lunch boxes are usually available at a very expensive price. However, having extremely expensive lunch boxes is not a great idea since many children seem to forget their things here and there. The loss of a costly lunch box is a situation that most parents would not like to face. In this case, one can buy budget-friendly lunch boxes that are both durable and affordable.

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* Compartments 

Parents must look for lunch boxes that have ample compartments so that there is enough space to keep different types of food separate. Most parents like to add a main course dish, some snacks, some fruits, and a small dessert in the lunch box. However, keeping everything in the same compartment can create a lot of mess. The best way to keep everything in its place is to use a lunchbox that has proper compartments and division of space so that everything can be kept in a separate place.

* Insulation 

Another important point that parents must keep in mind is to buy a lunchbox that offers insulation. This feature helps in keeping the food hot and fresh for a long time. Most people, including children, like to eat food that is hot and fresh. Generally, students get to have their lunch in school after half of the day has been concluded. This means that the food becomes at least 3 to 4 hours old. In this case, having a lunchbox that offers insulation can be a great way to ensure that children complete their lunch boxes and do not stay hungry throughout the day in the school.