7 Tips On How To Clean Trash Cans And Dustbins For Kitchen
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Who doesn't like a squeaky clean kitchen that looks put together and also smells good all the time? The kitchen is surely the heart of the house and is also pretty high maintenance. While cleaning utensils and kitchen slabs is a pretty obvious activity that everyone does from time to time, many parts of the kitchen often get ignored. Trash cans for instance store the waste of the whole kitchen.

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Because of the heavy-duty trash that is dumped in the trash cans of the kitchen, it gets dirty pretty quickly. Now even though the trash is taken out from time to time, the can still accumulates a lot of foul smell and the spilled food gets stuck in the different parts of the dustbin. Hence to make sure that one's dustbin is properly clean and doesn't smell bad, here are some tricks and tips to clean the kitchen trash can.

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* Rinse It Out

The first step is to take the trash can out of the house in an open space and then rinse it out properly. It is advised for the person cleaning the trash can to first wear gloves and then clean the dustbin from all sides. This will also help in avoiding direct contact with the gunk and food particles to avoid bacterial transfer. The easiest way to clean the trash can is to use a shower faucet as it can take out stuck waste even from the most inaccessible areas of the dustbin.

* Soak In A Cleaning Solution 

The next step is to disinfect the dustbin by soaking it in a cleaning solution that kills germs properly. One can take any soap solution or dishwasher solution and mix it well with water. The other way is to make a solution with the help of vinegar and lemon and mix it with water. The solution is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting the dustbin, especially the one that hasn't been cleaned in a long time. It will not only clean the dustbin but also will eradicate the bad smell out of the dustbin.

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* Scrub 

Another very important step required in cleaning a dustbin is scrubbing the dustbin properly. Even with gloves and a potent cleaning solution, the dustbin doesn't get cleaned properly many times. Hence using a nice scrubber is always the way to clean the interiors of a dustbin properly. One simply has to roll up their sleeves and wear some gloves and then slide into every corner of the dustbin of the trash can with the help of a scrubber. 

* Rinsing Again

The next step is to rinse the dustbin again and again in some fresh water and make sure all the gunk is taken out properly. Fresh water rinsing is important as the soup solution has to be taken out otherwise the soapy smell is going to sustain for a very long amount of time. Make sure that the water is fresh and cold so that it rinses off all the soap and the gunk. 

* Drying

Let the dustbin dry for some time before  finally keeping it in the kitchen. First one can wipe off the water and then simply keep it in the sunlight to get properly dry. Another thing that one can do is use an air dryer to quickly dry the dustbin from inside. Never keep the dustbin inside the kitchen without drying it properly otherwise it starts smelling obnoxious. Also, there is a higher risk of contamination.

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* Plastic Bags

Before keeping the trash cans inside the kitchen, always cover the trash can with plastic bags properly. Food should never come in contact with the trash can directly. Keeping a plastic bag inside the trash can is always the more hygienic approach. To avoid using too many plastic bags, one can use big-size paper bags. These paper bags can be taken out from the trash can and simply discarded. This leads to less spoilage of waste and food items. The dustbin remains cleaner comparatively.

* Using Lemon Spray

Many times people have a problem with the dustbin smelling bad even after cleaning it from time to time. However, a good solution to this problem is to simply make a spray with the help of some lemon juice and water. Shake these two ingredients properly and then spray them from time to time on the top of a dustbin. This helps in keeping the dustbin fresh and doesn't let the bad small spread in the different parts of the house.