7 Tips For Home Bakers To Document Their Baking Journey

Have you started your journey as a home baker? How do you keep track of it? If you have a habit of scrolling through social media (because who hasn’t these days), you must have seen how pastry chefs keep posting their creations that keep their fans glued to the screen. Some renowned chefs post videos of their recipes to build a stronger connection with their fans.

Video Credit: Anyone Can Cook With Dr Alisha/ YouTube

Keeping a journal of your growth and journey only helps you to identify pitfalls and work on them. Tracking what you have learnt so far helps you understand what part of the recipe requires more work, and thus, you embark on a path to becoming a seasoned chef. Here are a few ways to document your baking journey. 

Join Baking Communities

There are online forums in which you can join baking communities. People post their queries, and if you know the answer, you can help them. It will help you build confidence that you know more. If you don’t know the answer, you will learn something new. You can also join baking clubs or classes and share your new creations with the participants which will open ways for you to explore things.

Use Social Media

Social media is a tool that you must know how to use wisely. In today’s time, there is no better way to document things than put them on social media and they will be available on the internet forever. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and other such platforms to keep track of your creations, connect with people, and learn something new every day.

Start A Blog

The baking blog is something that you can start with. These days, you can purchase a domain and run a blog for free. Add ingredients for the recent recipes, explain the process in detail, and add a few cooking tips. After clicking amazing pictures, upload the blog. You will be surprised how many people will love the recipe and follow it to replicate your creation in their homes. It will also help build a community of homebakers.

Start A YouTube Channel

If you want to generate a second income, you can start a channel on YouTube. It will require effort to shoot a video, edit it, and upload it on the channel, but it will all be worth it. Once you monetise the platform, you will enjoy baking even more as it will give you the push to try something new. The best part is you don’t have to show your face if you are camera shy.

Keep A Journal

You can either keep a physical diary or use digital platforms to keep a journal of all your recipes, tips, and hacks. You can note what worked and what didn’t work. You should also take note of something new that you learn while recreating an old recipe. It will help you stay on top of your game. Moreover, it requires less effort compared to social media and YouTube.

Publish An E-Book

Publishing a cookbook might be a task that would require you to visit publishing houses. However, you can publish an e-book through many platforms. Compile all your recipes, add pictures, and make it meaningful for the reader by adding cooking tips. This will help you document your journey as well as allow you to look back at how far you have come.

Photography Portfolio

If everything seems tough, try taking good-quality pictures of the food you prepare. You must focus on the lighting and presentation in this case. You can create an online portfolio and keep uploading your new creations. Instagram can also be used for the same. Having amazing pictures of baked goods will also help you get recognised among baking enthusiasts.