7 Summer Special Maharashtrian Recipes You Must Try

Thinking of the cuisine of Maharashtra, one can instantly imagine vada pav and pav bhaji. These two food items indeed constitute a major part of the culinary identity of Maharashtra, but it is also safe to say that the cuisine of Maharashtra is way beyond that. As the state doesn't experience frequent temperature changes because it is near the equator, most of the cuisine caters to the bodily needs of summertime. 

This is the reason why a person would be able to see a lot of different types of beverages and chutneys being prepared in Maharashtra using different hydrating fruits and vegetables. Other than this, there are a lot of local dishes made by people in Maharashtra that specifically suffice for the body's summer needs. Here are some delectable Samay recipes from Maharashtra that everyone should try.


* Varan Bhaat

One can never underestimate the potential of some simple dal and rice. It is the comfort meal of a lot of Indian people as it has the right amount of nutrients and is simply soulful. Varan bhaat from Maharashtra is the Maharashtrian version of dal and rice. The bhaat, which is the lentil curry, is made using coconut milk and lots of shredded coconut to add freshness to the curry. It is also very delicately spiced as the body cannot take excessive spices during summer because it may lead to stomach discomfort. It is served with some freshly boiled rice.

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* Aamras Puri

Just like other parts of India, mangoes are the highlight of the summer season for people in Maharashtra. Aamras puri is an unbeatable combination of sweet and savoury that is widely consumed in Maharashtra. Aamras is made by taking out pulp for deliciously sweet mangoes and making a thick libation out of it by using a little bit of water and mixing these two ingredients. This delicacy is consumed with savoury puris that are made from wheat flour and deep-fried. This combination is a massive hit not just in Maharashtra but also in Gujarat.

* Taak 

Taak is a special summer drink consumed on the western coast in the state of Maharashtra by people during scorching summer days. This is the Marathi version of spice buttermilk, which is made with different spices like green chilli, ginger, coriander leaves, cumin seed powder, rock salt, and a lot of curry leaves. All of these spices are mixed and added to some chilled buttermilk. This is a spicy and multi-flavoured drink that is widely consumed in different parts of Maharashtra.

* Sabudana Thalipeeth

The use of sabudana is very prevalent in Maharashtra. People like to experiment with this ingredient to make different types of dishes, and one popular dish made from sabudana is the sabudana thalipeeth. It is something that keeps a person energised for summer and yet is very easy to digest. The dish is made by flattening sabudana to make flat chillas. These chillas do not have to be deep-fried; they can be simply pan-fried with a little bit of oil. Most people like to have it with a dip made from curd and a little bit of sugar, as well as some fresh coriander chutney.

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* Kairi Bhaji

Kairi means raw mangoes, and people in Maharashtra like to devour raw mangoes in many ways. One is to have it as it is with some rock salt on the side. The other very famous dish made from raw mangoes is the kairi bhaji. This dish is a very thick stew-like dish that is prepared by using green, mangoes, jaggery, tomatoes, onions, and some conventional Indian spices. The gravy is served with different types of Indian flatbreads like chapati or paratha. The raw mangoes that have a sour taste are balanced with the use of jaggery and tomatoes. Many people also like to make this dish in a dry sabzi-like form.

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* Kokum Sharbat

Kokum sharbat is a Maharashtrian beverage that is made in different regions of Maharashtra using different recipes. It is a simple sharbat that is made from kokum, salt, sugar, water, and cumin seed powder. Kokum adds a very refreshing touch to the beverage, and the best part about this drink is that it is prepared in under 10 minutes. The only pre-preparation required is for the kokum to be soaked in water overnight for the best results.

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* Sol Kadi

Sol kadi is a very versatile Konkan delicacy that is used both as a main course dish and as a beverage. It is made from coconut milk, kokum, and some spices. The beautiful pink colour of this drink makes it stand out among others. This is widely consumed not just in Maharashtra but in many parts of Gujarat as well as Goa. People like to drink it as it is and also have it with some white rice.