7 Summer Flowers For Your Home Garden
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When designing the summer garden, group flowers and plants with similar needs together. Plant them in well-draining soil and remember to water during dry spells. With a little planning and proper care, your summer garden will delight the eyes, attract pollinators, and provide gorgeous cut flowers to display indoors all season long. 

The sights, scents, and colours of these gorgeous summer blooms are a special treat to offer during the hot season. 

7 Summer Flowers To Plant In Your Home Garden 


The large, colourful flowers come in shades of bright red, soft pink, sunny yellow, and clean white. When the hibiscus is in full bloom, its eye-catching petals demand attention. This tropical flower has an exotic beauty that draws admiring looks from passersby. The five-petaled flowers can grow up to 6 inches wide, making each blossom a dramatic statement plant in beds and borders. 

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It comes in shades of orange and yellow. You will see marigolds at festivals, weddings, and other special events. The colourful flowers are used as decorations. People also string them into garlands that they wear. The vibrant marigolds add beauty and meaning to the celebrations. 

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The sunflower is a happy flower that turns its yellow petals to face the sun. It grows tall in gardens. When the sunflower blooms, its big, bright yellow petals look like rays of sunshine. People enjoy seeing sunflowers because they are so cheerful and bright. They make gardens and fields look prettier. Sunflowers remind us of summer days. 


Roses are known as the queen of flowers because they come in so many colours and have different fragrances. Every rose has its own unique beauty that represents love, passion, and elegance. They are often given as a symbol of affection and are treasured for their delicate petals. The variety of colours and scents that roses offer make them a popular choice for expressing emotions and sentiments. 

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The lilies bloom beautifully, filling the air with their sweet scent. Their petals open gracefully, showing off their splendor to all who pass by. These flowers embody elegance and purity, making them a favourite choice for gardens. As the sunlight touches their delicate petals, the lilies shine brightly, adding a touch of beauty to any space. 

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Bougainvillea, with its colourful petals in shades of pink, purple, red, and orange, brings a vivid display of beauty to the garden. It brightens up walls and fences, adding a striking touch to outdoor spaces. It stands out with its colours that make it a popular choice for landscaping and enhancing the appeal of home gardens. 


With its delicate petals in soft colour of pink, white, and lavender, it sways gently in the summer wind. These flowers, like daisies, grow on tall green stems. When in full bloom, the cosmos forms a sea of colourful flowers that brightens up any garden. These hardy annual flowers are easy to care for and bloom continuously from midsummer until the first frost in fall.