7 Snacks To Pair With Greek Yoghurt For Late-Night Cravings
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Consuming yoghurt during the day when the body is active can be beneficial as its fats, lactose, and whey can be digested when the body is on the run. However, it might be less advisable to consume yoghurt at night when activities are reduced and the body wants to wind down. This is because digestion may be more difficult, which can lead to stomach discomfort and indigestion. But on the contrary, Greek yoghurt is often recommended by doctors as a beneficial late-night snack. If you're wondering how, then here’s the answer.

Unlike regular yoghurt which has a natural liquidity consistency as it retains some of the water and thus has lactose and whey in it. This lactose and whey content is usually high in potassium and calcium, which makes it hard to digest. On the other hand, Greek yoghurt has a rather solidified consistency as all the water is strained, and so is the lactose and whey. Therefore, it's less in calories and has a concentrated level of probiotics, making it a superfood for digestion and easing the body.

Greek yoghurt has many health benefits as a late-night snack. It contains tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid that facilitates the development of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is the hormone that is produced in the brain in response to darkness, which allows for resting the body and making it fall asleep naturally. Greek yoghurt is also a good source of proteins and probiotics that ease the stomach and balance blood sugar levels. There are many ways to eat Greek yoghurt but the best of it is pairing it with crispy snacks. Try these best snack pairings with Greek yoghurt and enjoy nighttime snacking while fueling your health.

Pair These 7 Snacks With Greek Yoghurt

1) Plain Crackers

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Plain crackers made with whole grains are the best crunchy delights to eat with Greek yoghurt. These crackers are low in sodium and are easily digestible. You can also try digestive biscuits if you don't have plain crackers.

2) Baked Nachos

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Baked Nachos with mild spices can be a fun snack to eat when your cravings call at midnight. Eating nachos with Greek yoghurt makes it even more satisfying and enjoyable. The slightly sour taste of Greek yoghurt immerses crispy nachos with delectable flavour.

3) Kale Chips

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Kale chips are a perfect low-calorie snack and are packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They're also extremely easy to make, and the frills of kale make them the most satisfying crunchy snack. They taste immensely good, with mild flavours of Greek yoghurt.

4) Baked Fritters

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If you want to try something more unconventional and make snacking a gratifying experience, you can try making baked vegetable fritters. The wholesome batter and nutritious veggies are perfect for pairing with Greek yoghurt.

5) Roasted Nuts

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Roasted nuts and dry fruits can also be a delightful addition to Greek yoghurt. Nuts like peanuts, almonds, and pistachios are perfect late-night snacks that help induce sleep. You can add some light spices to these roasted nuts to make a flavourful treat.

6) Diced Fruits

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Normally, fruits should be avoided late at night as the sucrose and fructose in them can spike blood sugar levels. But many fruits, like kiwi fruit, bananas, cherries, berries, and pineapples, are beneficial to consume when you wake up in the middle of sleep. Pair these fruits with Greek yoghurt and enjoy the fruity flavours with creamy indulgence.

7) Fresh Salad

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Low-calorie vegetables like cucumber, carrots, beans, lettuce and so on can be a perfect sleep inducer to help satisfy nighttime cravings. Pairing salads with Greek yoghurt either as a dip or as a dressing can bring more flavour.

If you are suffering from frequently eating at midnight, add Greek yoghurt to your grocery list and eat it regularly with your meals and even as a late-night snack. Try these different snacks with Greek yoghurt and enjoy its delectable creamy taste.