7 Smelly Foods You Should Avoid Keeping In The Lunchbox
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Most people are very peculiar about the kind of food that they pack in their lunchboxes. Generally, one must avoid packing the kind of foods that become stale easily and cannot be consumed at a low temperature, as it is not practically possible to heat lunch boxes everywhere. Another factor that is equally important to consider while packing a lunch box is the fact that the food must not give a bad odour. 

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There are a lot of kinds of food that do not have a bad smell when they're cooked and consumed fresh. However, after being stored for some time, these types of foods start smelling a very unpleasant smell. This will not only prevent the person from eating their food but also shoo away other people. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, here are seven types of food that one must avoid packing in a lunchbox at all costs.

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* Cooked Cabbage

Cabbage is the wrong choice for being packed in a lunchbox. After being cooked and coming in contact with oil, cabbage starts to smell very unpleasant, which nobody is going to like. Also, lunch is generally eaten in the afternoon, and the food becomes at least 3 to 4 hours old. The cooked cabbage is also going to impact the other food that is kept in the lunchbox. Instead of adding cooked cabbage, one may add raw cabbage.

* Eggs

Eggs already have a very strong smell, even if they are served fresh. Upon keeping them in the lunchbox, there is an accumulation of strong smell that can travel and, in fact, affect the other food items that are kept in the bag. Upon opening the lunchbox, the smell will be so strong that the person wouldn't be able to eat the food. This is not at all the right food item to take to the workplace. Instead, one can boil fresh eggs if there are any arrangements and eat them instantly instead of packing them. Even if someone wants to carry hard-boiled eggs, then the right way is to not take off the peel. 

* Mooli Paratha

Mooli ka paratha is a very famous delicacy in India, especially during the winter season. However, radish has a very strong smell naturally that, in the long run, becomes hard to tolerate. Cooking mooli ka paratha and storing it in the lunchbox is not the best idea if one wants to avoid bad-smelling food. Instead of packing the paratha, one can eat it fresh at home. Other than giving a foul smell, the paratha also starts tasting a bit weird after some time.

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* Fish

Fish or a lot of other kinds of seafood have natural oils. Upon cooking them, these natural oils are released, and they start giving fish a very strong smell. Packing fish in a lunchbox is an idea that one must not consider because, with time, the fish will start smelling worse. Also, reheating the fish wouldn't make any difference as it would spread an unpleasant smell everywhere. 

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* Raw Onions

It is a fact known that upon the consumption of raw onions, even if they're fresh, one starts having a bad breath. Now imagine if one stores some onions in a lunchbox and decides to consume them after they are stored for at least 3 to 4 hours in a tiffin. Not only is the person going to have intolerable breath, but the lunch box itself is going to smell so bad that everyone around the person will feel uncomfortable. One must avoid eating onions at public gatherings and eat things like tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers as salads.

* Chessy Food

Bringing extremely cheesy food into the office or at school should also be avoided for a lot of reasons. One is the fact that melted cheese stored at room temperature for a long time becomes very sticky and hard to eat. It also doesn't give a tempting taste or texture to the food. The other is that cheese, being a dairy product, can also start giving a foul smell if it is stored in a box for more than a couple of hours. Even if one wants to eat cheese in the office, then the right idea is to carry a block of cheese and use it on the spot.

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* Strong Sauces

A lot of yummy dishes are made using multiple types of sauces made from different types of ingredients. However, the sauces are made from a synthesis of a lot of pungent ingredients that start giving off an unlikeable smell if they are not stored at a low temperature. During summers, when the temperature is too high, packing food that is made by using a lot of different types of sauces is not a great idea. The sauces will become extremely sour in taste with time and also will make the food smell bad.