7 Sizzling Vodka Cocktails To Spice Up Your Fall Season
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This is the perfect time to add a touch of warmth and spice to your fall season with a lineup of sizzling vodka cocktails. Autumn-influenced vodka drinks are made using vodka and a number of seasonal spices and ingredients that sing with autumnal flavours. Vodka is an amazingly versatile spirit that is not only easily available but also perfect as a base of innovative and creative cocktails. And when it comes to making fall season drinks with it, all you need are vodka, spice and classic autumn flavours.

 From the addition of cranberries and pomegranates to infusing pumpkin, pear and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, there is a lot you can do with a few select ingredients to create perfect vodka cocktails. They will revolutionize your fall cocktails, ranging from classics with twist to unique combinations. They will end up as the stars of your cocktail collection. Each and every sip of these seven amazing vodka cocktails will spice up your season and make you crave for more.

So, here are seven vodka cocktails that will make your fall parties memorable and your quiet evenings much cosier. These cocktails are prepared with some of the best ingredients that come along during the autumn season. From pumpkin spice to cranberry and orange, here are the seven cosy vodka cocktails you must try this fall season. 

7 Vodka Cocktails To Try This Autumn

1. Pumpkin-Spiced White Russian

Pumpkin Spice White Russian is a fall variant of a famous drink, White Russian, that is enjoyed because of its deliciousness and warmth. The pumpkin-flavoured version has become quite popular for its capability of providing the traditional favourite with a taste of the fall season. To make Pumpkin-Spiced White Russian, you will need to infuse two ounces of vodka with half an ounce of pumpkin spice syrup, an ounce of coffee liqueur and two ounces of heavy cream. Don’t forget to add a pumpkin peel garnish on top of the drink.

3. Cranberry Vodka Fizz

Cranberry Vodka Fizz is an ideal refreshment cocktail characterized by its fruity, sour, and lemony flavours. There is no shortage of seasonal flavours in this drink and it also comes with a bit of effervescence, giving it the extra edge in the Fall. To make this fizzy cocktail, you must mix two ounces of vodka, two ounces of cranberry juice, half an ounce of fresh lime juice, two ounces of club soda, and some ice. For garnishing, choose fresh cranberries and a lime wheel. If you don’t have fresh cranberries, go with a simple cherry.

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4. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Apple Cider Moscow Mule is a delicious seasonal take on a traditional cocktail, Moscow Mule. This drink has the amalgamation of the tangy and piquant tastes of apple cider combined with ginger beer. It is quite popular due to its refreshing yet warm taste that you have to try this season. To make this delicious Moscow Mule variation, you have to mix two ounces of vodka with four ounces of apple cider, half an ounce of fresh lime juice and a ginger beer. A slice of apple and a cinnamon stick are all you need for adorning it.

5. Pumpkin Martini

Another popular option during this time of year is the Pumpkin Martini which is associated with the creamy and spiced flavours well loved during this season. It embraces the spirit of fall by combining vodka, pumpkin liqueur, and cream. It is most popular during fall and would be perfect for individuals who want a festive pumpkin beverage. For this pumpkin-flavoured martini, you will need two ounces of vodka, one ounce of pumpkin liquor, one ounce of heavy cream, ice, and one-fourth ounce of simple syrup for sweetness, though it is optional. For garnish, you can rim the glass with cinnamon and sugar and top it with cinnamon sticks.

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6. Pomegranate Vodka Sour

Pomegranate Vodka Sour is an amazing fall cocktail that blends the tartness of pomegranate juice and the smoothness of vodka. The drink has a bright tartness and pinkish hue that evokes fall nights and social festivity as seasonal cool-downs in glasses. For this version of vodka sour cocktail, mix two ounces of vodka, one-fourth ounce of simple syrup, half an ounce of fresh lemon juice, and three ounces of pomegranate juice. Put a lemon wheel and some pomegranate seeds for garnishing.

7. Spiced Pear Vodka Cocktail

The Spiced Pear Vodka Cocktail is an autumn cocktail combining vodka, pear liqueur, and spiced syrup for a perfect blend of sweetness, fruitiness, and warmth. It gains popularity with its autumn-ish feel, an aroma of abundance and comfort–not to mention the availability of fresh, seasonal pears. To make this spiced pear vodka cocktail, you’ll need two ounces of vodka, one ounce of pear liqueur, half an ounce of spiced simple syrup (a combination of cinnamon and clove), and two ounces of pear juice. 

8. Cranberry Orange Vodka Punch

Cranberry orange vodka punch is one of the best fall cocktails you can think of due to its vibrant flavours. This is a blend of two cups of cranberry, one cup of orange juice, one cup of vodka, and half a cup of triple sec. To garnish, use orange slices and cranberries. The drink was usually consumed as part of an annual punch during gatherings in autumn and parties around holidays, giving an additional seasonal flavour.