7 Refreshing Indian Snacks To Beat The Heat This Summer

Between meals, snacking is the practice of consuming short meals to satisfy the appetite and prevent hunger. Indian food provides a variety of tasty and refreshing snacks that are ideal for the summer. These consist of Dahi Vada, kulfi, fruit chaat, etc. These snacks are not only tasty, but they also give you energy and hydration, which helps combat the summer heat. They are vital for staying hydrated and nourished in hot weather since they are light, simple to digest, and rich in nutrition.

Here are some summer snack ideas from Indian cuisine:

1. Shrikhand:

A common summertime dessert in India, shrikhand is made with sugar, strained yoghurt, almonds, cardamom, and saffron for flavour. Hung curd is combined with powdered sugar and flavourings to make shrikhand, which is then smooth and creamy. After that, it is refrigerated and served cold as a cool treat or snack. Shrikhand is the ideal choice for escaping the summer heat and enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling treat because of its creamy texture, rich flavours, and cooling qualities.

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2. Raw Mango Chaat:

Raw mango chaat is a delightful and tangy summer snack popular in Indian cuisine. To prepare it, raw mangoes are peeled and diced, then mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and green chillies. Seasonings like chaat masala, black salt, cumin powder, and lemon juice are added for flavour. The mixture is tossed well and served chilled, offering a refreshing burst of flavour with every bite. Raw mango chaat is light, hydrating, and perfect for enjoying during the hot summer days.

3. Dahi Vada:

A common summertime snack in India, dahi vada is made up of soft lentil dumplings dipped in spiced yoghurt. Soak the urad dal and grind it into a smooth batter to make dahi vada. Rounds of batter should be fried till golden brown, then soaked in water. After draining well, soak the vadas in spiced yoghurt. Add some spices, chutneys, and fresh herbs as a garnish for a cool, tangy snack that's ideal for summertime heat waves.

4. Kulfi:

A famous frozen dessert in India that is relished in the summer is kulfi. To make kulfi, add sugar, cardamom, and chopped nuts to the simmered milk until it thickens. Fill moulds or cones with the mixture, insert sticks, and freeze until solid. Rich in flavour and creamy in texture, kulfi is frequently topped with pistachios or saffron. It's a delectable and cooling treat that's ideal for enjoying the lovely taste of classic Indian flavours while cooling off on hot summer days.

5. Falooda:

A well-liked Indian summertime treat or snack, falooda is renowned for its delectable and revitalising flavours. First, soak the basil seeds (sabja) in water until they swell, then proceed to prepare the falooda. Next, arrange cooked vermicelli, ice cream, sweetened milk, soaked basil seeds, and rose syrup in a tall glass. Add chopped nuts as a garnish and serve cold. This delicious mixture is the ideal treat to beat the summer heat because it offers a variety of textures and flavours.

6. Ice Gola:

In India, ice gola is a favourite summertime snack, especially on hot days. Shaving ice into the shape of a cone and then drizzling it with flavourful syrups such as lemon, rose, mango, or kala khatta results in this vibrant and delicious treat. Salt or chaat masala are occasionally added for flavour. People of all ages love Ice Gola, a refreshing and entertaining snack that's a great way to beat the summer heat.

7. Fruit Chaat:

In India, fruit chaat is a well-liked summer snack that is both nutritious and delicious. In a bowl, combine a variety of chopped seasonal fruits, such as oranges, watermelon, muskmelon, bananas, mangoes, and pomegranate seeds, to create it. Squeeze in some lemon juice, add a little chaat masala for sharpness, and drizzle some honey or sugar for sweetness. For a delicious and refreshing summer treat, toss everything together gently, sprinkle with chopped mint leaves, and serve chilled.