7 Reasons To Have A Cup Of Giloy Tea Everyday
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Giloy leaves are beautiful heart-shaped leaves that provide digestive benefits to the body and also help in relaxing the muscles of the body. People in India have been using this herb for hundreds of years to get rid of some common problems like colds and coughs. 

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Not only does the tea made from the Giloy leaves have digestive and other health benefits, but it is also very rejuvenating in terms of taste.. It is an evergreen climber that is an indigenous perennial species of the Indian subcontinent. Its Sanskrit name, Amrita, simply means the root that grants immortality. 

Here are some of the top benefits of drinking Giloy tea regularly.

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* Boost Immunity 

As per a study published in the journal Elsevier in 2021, Giloy leaves help in improving the levels of antibodies in the body. These leaves are also very good for improving the natural defence mechanism of the body and also benefit the health of a human being because of their immunomodulatory properties. Regular consumption of Giloy tea can help a person stay away from seasonal infections and illnesses.

* Good For Digestion

In India, Giloy leaves have been used to maintain overall gut health for hundreds of years. In fact, people in India used to and still believe that Giloy leaves are very beneficial in treating problems like constipation and irregularity of stools. They also aid in better digestion and prevent problems like hyperacidity, diarrhoea, and vomiting that might be caused by eating bad-quality food. The most efficacious way to ensure the best possible results is perpetual consumption. 

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* Detoxification Of Body

Giloy leaves are also considered great detoxifying agents for the body. People these days spend their money buying expensive detoxifying drinks that are full of chemicals and unauthentic ingredients. The best way to make oneself a detoxifying drink is to use some Giloy leaves. Consuming some Giloy tea as the first thing in the morning will not only aid digestion and flush out toxins but also improve the quality of one's skin. It is a great way of promoting vitality in the body and keeping it free from toxins.

* Relaxing The Body

The taste of Giloy tea is extremely soothing. Having a cup of this tea on a regular basis helps in soothing the body's muscles and the mind. In fact, in a study published by Ancient Science of Life in 2012, it has been said that Giloy leaves can help reduce the levels of oxidative stress in the body. This can help in tackling the problem of anxiety and also not make one feel extremely stressed. However, if one is going through serious episodes of stress and anxiety, then it is always better to consult a proper healthcare professional.

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* Managing Sugar Levels

In a study published in the journal Ancient Science of Life in 2012, it was highlighted that Tinospora Cordifolia has antidiabetic effects on the body as it helps in reducing oxidative stress levels that can promote insulin secretion. This means that drinking a cup of Giloy tea regularly can be extremely beneficial for people who experience sugar spikes. But if a person has been diagnosed with a serious case of diabetes, then it is always important to check with their medical practitioner before including anything in their diet.

* Better Respiration 

As Giloy leaves are famous for their anti-inflammatory effects, they can also help improve the quality of respiration in the body by soothing respiratory problems like colds, coughs, and even bronchitis. These leaves can help unclog the respiratory tract and are a natural remedy for curing common bacterial and viral problems. One must remember to have a warm cup of Giloy tea as it is always considered more beneficial.

How To Make Giloy Tea

Giloy Tea can be simply made by taking some leaves from the giloy plant. Some people also like to add crushed stems to the giloy plant. These crushed leaves and stem parts have to be put in a pan with some water. One must bring the water to a boil and then strain the mixture with the help of a strainer. To add subtle sweetness, one can add some honey drops to the tea. The healthy and nutritious giloy tea is ready.