7 Quick and Nutritious Green Peas Recipes
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When summer heat shows no signs of stopping, it becomes a necessity to include refreshing ingredients in cooking. And what can be better than green peas? The reason why green peas are the best addition to the summer diet is its ease of making, ready availability and affordability.

Whether it's a busy weeknight meal prep or a quick bedtime craving snack, green peas can be the star of your platter. From a delicious savoury chat to a wholesome dinner curry, the versatility of green peas allows you to prepare it in many different ways.

Check out these delicious recipes with green peas you can make for late-night indulgence.

1) Green Peas Chaat

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Enhancing the refreshing flavours of fresh green peas, this chaat is the ultimate craving buster. This no-cook recipe is made by combining slightly mashed boiled green peas with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and chaat masala, chilli powder and amchur powder. Garnish it with fresh coriander, lemon juice, sev and crushed papdi and serve.

2) Green Peas Curry

Green peas curry is an instant recipe for dinner that you can pair with leftover rice or roti. It's made by stir-frying fresh green peas in an onion, garlic, tomato base along with spices and salt. Keep it dry or add water to dilute it, this recipe is great for quick late-night meals.

3) Green Peas Kebabs

For a wholesome late-night snack, try this easy green peas kebab recipe. To make kebabs, green peas are ground to a fine paste and mixed with spices, roasted chickpea flour, ground herbs, and crumbled paneer. Once the mixture becomes double, it's shaped into small tikkis, shallow fried from both sides and served with chutney. You can also serve it as a burger patty or make long tikkis to make a frankie roll.

4) Crunchy Green Peas

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Green peas have a delightful sweetness to them, which tastes delicious as it is. It is boiled and coated with bread crumbs to make crunchy nibbles with green peas, then air fried or baked until crispy. As the green peas roast and bread crumbs lose moisture, the peas become irresistibly crispy and delicious.

5) Green Peas Chilla

When you're craving a wholesome meal but don't want to prepare an elaborate menu, this green peas chilla recipe is the best for you. For this, green peas are granted to a coarse mixture and added to besan batter made with chickpea flour, chopped onions, spices, salt, tomatoes and herbs. After mixing well, the batter is used to make crispy pancakes and served with chutney or ketchup.

6) Green Peas Cheese Salad

Green peas are a delightful addition to salads. This delicious salad is made by combining lettuce or cabbage, fresh green peas, chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, grated carrot, and a spicy salad dressing made with vinegar, chilli flakes, lemon juice and some oil. Then for a finishing touch, grated cheese is added on top to make it deliciously good.

7) Matar Kachori

Love matar kachori? You can easily make it at home in a healthy way. Simply by creating a spicy grated green pea mixture for filling and whole wheat dough sheets for wrapping, these matar kachoris are amazing for late-night cravings. Baking or air frying can help you cook in a no-oil way.