7 Must Try Mumbai Breakfast Dishes
Image Credit: Source: Pexels

The days when we leave our homes and wander out into the bustling streets. On our way to work, we would frequently gorge ourselves on a variety of delectable breakfasts in Mumbai's back lanes. These popular dishes are everyone’s favourite breakfast, especially the Mumbaikars.

Vada Pav

When we were in a hurry, the basic Mumbai vada pav was always the answer. We're already salivating over the prospect of deep-fried potato dumplings and zesty spices wrapped within warm and fluffy pieces of bread and topped with tart red-chilli chutney. When vada pav is served alongside steaming chai, mealtime becomes even more enjoyable.

Mumbai Vada Pav  

Anda Bhurji

Anda bhurji holds a particular place in our hearts for all of us. This is one of the favourite breakfast meals in Mumbai. Whether it's bhurji or scrambled eggs, we love eating a hot platter of bhurji pav on the streets of Mumbai and getting extra pav to finish the bhurji.

Anda Bhurji  

Maska Pav

If you commute by train on a regular basis, this must be your go-to snack. The soft maska pav can be found outside practically every Mumbai railway station. In fact, some folks arrive early at the stations so they can eat some delicious maska pav and chai before starting their day's work.

Maska Pav  


The desi snack poha is defined by three words: simple, tasty, and nutritious. It is one of Maharashtra's most popular breakfast options. This is popular not just in homes, but also on the streets. We love to stand on the street and gobble down poha served on those large plates right now.

Kheema Pav


Good days will come, and we'll be able to savour these delectable goodies anytime we visit Mumbai to satisfy our wild food desires!