Buy These Bar Tools To Begin Your Home-Bartender Journey
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One of the advantages of having a home bar is the ability to cut down the splurging on unnecessary bar tabs. Get twice as much liquid for half the price as you'd pay at the bar. Making drinks at home allows you to practise your bartending abilities. But to do that, one needs to acquire the knowledge and skills of a bartender, the person responsible for mixing those tasty beverages. Nobody becomes an expert in a single sitting, but everyone has to begin somewhere. Thus, if you want to wow your friends as a professional bartender in your own home, you'll need to invest in a few essentials. The bartender's fame is not made by the bartending tools he or she has. That much is certain. It's undeniable, though, that they simplify the mixologist's work immensely. The best bar tools will help you mix, squeeze, strain, and pour your way to great cocktails, regardless of your level of experience behind the bar. If you are an aspiring home-bartender, then buy these essential bar tools. 


A steel jigger at home bar, Image Source: Pexels

Always use a jigger when mixing drinks to ensure uniformity. If you use a jigger, your cocktails will always be invariant in taste and flavour. The key to a successful cake is accurately measuring; the same applies to cocktails, mocktails or any boozy drink. Making do without a jigger using marmalade jars as makeshift cocktail shakers is possible, but getting the proportions right might be tricky.



A muddler is an indispensable tool for any bartender. It aids in extracting the cocktail's most incredible flavours and allows us to sample it in a wide variety of forms. In addition, it's not a tool that can be easily replaced, making it a vital one for many bartenders.

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Many bartenders shake cocktails in plastic glasses or tumblers at the beginning of their careers. Particularly if you're not in the vicinity of a shaker. One, though, is easily accessible via the internet. As a bartender, your first purchase should be a shaker because nothing tastes better than a drink shaken correctly.


Citrus press

A man pressing fresh citrus juice while making a drink, Image Source: Pexels

It's not for a fancy that you have a citrus press. Inquire with any seasoned bartender; they will attest to its importance. This is because fresh citrus juice is essential while preparing any cocktail. Professional bartenders generally avoid using citrus juices sold in stores. It's common knowledge that cocktails made with freshly made components taste better.

Bar spoons

A bar spoon can be used for more than just stirring a drink; consider utilising it to fine-strain ingredients into a different container or to give a test sip of each cocktail before shaking. It can also be employed as a gauge for accommodating consumers who want smaller portions. It's the most versatile tool in the bar, and it's a bar tool. A bar spoon can be used for tasting, stirring, measuring, layering, breaking the ice, mashing, and more, depending on its shape and size. Try to buy a bar spoon with a long handle. 


Hawthorne strainer

Cocktails are typically strained through a Hawthorne strainer. Its primary function is to remove huge ice cubes from shaken cocktails without distorting the rest of the drink. Most bartenders have a specific method for straining beverages for every recipe. But if you choose a well-made Hawthorne strainer with an extra-tight coil, you won't have to worry about ice chips or other debris ending up in your beverages.

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Wine opener

It is a standard means of survival. It makes it simpler to remove the corks from wine bottles. It's common practice for professional bartenders to keep a wine opener handy. They employ it for practically every conceivable task, from opening packages to removing whisky bottle foil to slicing through the tape.