7 Mug Dishes That You Can Instantly Make In A Microwave
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It's always great to keep experimenting in the kitchen and try making new recipes using different ingredients and kitchen equipment. Mug cakes are one of the most fascinating dishes that get prepared in under 15 minutes and the best part is one doesn't have to undergo the hassle of using different utensils and then cleaning them afterwards. 

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The only requirement is a mug and a handful of ingredients like eggs, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and some other condiments. However, everyone must know that cooking in mugs is not just limited to cakes or desserts. One can make a plethora of savoury and spicy dishes in mugs as well. In this article, one will find different dishes that they can make in a mug and simply put in the microwave to get cooked properly. 

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* Mug Pizza

Mug pizza is a layered and decadent pizza recipe that consists of pizza sauce, cheese, and some delicious and crunchy topping of vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. If a person likes pepperoni then they can also add some pepperoni slices of shredded chicken and even paneer. This pizza doesn't require any kind of flour or pizza base. However, for a crunch, one may add some croutons.

* Mug Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the most soulful food combination that is certainly a bit high in calories, but very indulgent. On a lazy Sunday morning, macaroni and cheese in a mug is the perfect way to start the day without making much effort. One has to simply put in some macaroni, water, milk, cheese, and some salt and black pepper in a mug. This mug has to be put inside the microwave. The person must keep checking and stirring the mixture in between to make sure that the macaroni and cheese are getting mixed properly.

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* Mug Brownie

Mug brownies are prepared in under 15 minutes and are a quick way to satisfy one's craving for something sweet and delicious. It is a simple yet scrumptious dessert that is made by mixing sugar, cocoa powder, flour, vegetable oil, and some water in a mug. The mixture has to be microwaved for 8 to 10 minutes to make a gooey and fresh brownie. One can put some melted chocolate on top of this brownie for a better taste.

* Mug Banana Bread

Banana bread in a mug may sound unconventional, but it is very practical and possible. Making banana bread in a mug helps in avoiding food wastage as it is the perfect portion for a person. One has to simply put a ripe banana, sugar, baking powder, flour, milk, and some vanilla essence in a mug. All of this has to be mixed properly and put in the microwave for a couple of minutes. A single serving of banana bread will be ready.

* Mug Lasagna 

A lasagna in a mug is a flavourful concoction of ricotta cheese, lasagna pasta sheets, marinara sauce, and some shredded mozzarella cheese. A person should not use too many lasagna pasta sheets as it may make the mug very crowded. All of this mixture has to be assorted properly in layers and then microwaved until one can see the cheese become properly melted and bubbly. 

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* Mug Omelette

A mug omelette is made by beating eggs and then adding vegetables, cheese and some ham pieces to the mixture. This mixture has to be put inside a mug and then microwaved for one minute or a few seconds more. A mug omelette is fluffy, properly cooked and very light. At the same time, it's very easy to prepare and a perfect breakfast option for people who do not like doing a lot of stuff early in the morning. The best part about this omelette is that there is no chance of the omelette getting burnt or broken.

* Mug French Toast

A French toast in a mug is an idea that is going to change the way everyone eats their French toast. One has to whisk some eggs and add salt and black pepper to these eggs. The egg mixture has to be poured inside the mug and then small pieces of bread should be immersed in the mixture. One can adjust the size of the bread pieces as per the size of the mug. This can be baked in the microwave for one or two minutes. On the top, one should drizzle some honey along with maple syrup and put in some fresh foods like bananas.