7 Masala Drinks To Beat Those Late-Night Hot Flashes
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With an environment as diverse and harsh as India's, people need a wide range of options to stay well hydrated depending on the season, from hot and steamy wintertime beverages to icy summertime concoctions. 

Drinks are served in different parts of the nation using various regional flavours, herbs, and spices. These beverages complement the delectable Indian cuisine and are served on fancy hotel menus and streets.

The best masala beverages for sweltering late-night temperatures are listed below. These beverages are quite simple to prepare and have a great flavour.

7 Masala Drinks To Beat The Heat 

1. Masala Chaas

Like a lassi but much more spicy and less sweet, masala chaas are also called spiced buttermilk. The chilli, ginger, and chat masala, you can also anticipate a fair amount of heat in this beverage. That being said, it was surprisingly refreshing. Additionally, it is significantly lighter than the other lassis recipes on the list.

2. Masala Paneer Soda

Paneer soda might be better if you search for something bubblier, lighter, and less thick and creamy. With ice and soda water for added cold and bubbles, it's just sugar water. It will also smell amazing and have a lovely pink colour from adding a dash of rose water and chaat masala. Fortunately, the rose water also makes a slight taste appearance. It's deliciously bubbly, mildly flavoured, sweet and spicy, and ideal for hot summer days.

3. Jeera Jal

A popular Indian beverage is jal-jeera. It has a jal-jeera powder spice blend flavouring added to it. "Jeera" means cumin, and "jal" means water in Hindi. It is a famous summer drink in India with lemonade or other tangy liquids as the base, along with jaljira spices. Its purpose is to "startle" the taste buds, so it is occasionally offered as an appetiser. Typically, jaljeera spices include cumin, ginger, black pepper, mint, black salt, a little amount of fruit powder—typically mango or citrus zest—and chilli or hot pepper powder. These are good for health too.

4. Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani, also called Shikanji, is a concoction of lemonade "turbinated" with sugar, coarse salt, and powdered cumin (jeera). This unique drink combines sweet and salty flavours, is frequently served by street sellers, and is much enjoyed during the summer. You can also add chat masala and crushed chillies to make it spicy.

5. Panakam

This is a popular summertime (festival) beverage from South India made with water. Panakam was a frequent carry-on during summer travels and was used as an Oral Rehydrating Solution (ORS). Drinks like panakam, made with water and jaggery, can be made sweeter and tangier by adding cardamom, dry ginger, peppercorns, and other spices. This beverage is great for a trip as it's often enjoyed at room temperature.

6. Shikanji 

North India is the source of the delightful water-based lemon drink known as shikanji. In terms of preparation and ingredients, shikanji differs slightly from lemonade. This beverage is highly well-liked on the streets of North India and is a great way to quench the summer heat and rapidly hydrate the body.

Shikanji is made in several locations in India using somewhat varied methods, but the main ingredient is always lemon. Other ingredients include sugar syrup, salt, coriander, cumin, pepper, and carbonated water.

7. Lassi

Punjab, a state in the country's north, is the birthplace of the popular Indian beverage lassi. Yoghurt is the foundation of lassi; sweet and savoury varieties with spices like mint, cumin, and salt are available for masala. It has casein, a protein in milk, binds to capsaicin, the chemical that makes peppers burn, lassi is a fantastic "tranquilliser" for spicy Indian food.

The drinks are produced using various summertime ingredients, including coconut, milk, lemon, raw mango, and cucumber. India has various herbs and spices, and every region has special fruits. Most Indian drinks create delectable, refreshing concoctions combining fresh produce and spices. As summer draws near, the market is brimming with fresh produce, which you can use in these cocktails. Continue exploring and trying new things!