7 Malai-Based Dishes For Ultimate Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

Practically in every Indian home, the thin layer of milk that has been scraped off and stored is called malai. Malai is frequently used to make handmade ghee, lend a creamy flavour to recipes, and enhance the taste of tea. However, have you ever attempted to prepare mouthwatering treats using leftover malai?

Most of the people purchase malai for a specific recipe or for rare occasions. There are usually some leftovers as well. If there's heavy cream left over in the refrigerator, that begs you to use it up every time you open it. There is no reason why malai should go bad in the fridge; it can be utilised in so many different savoury and sweet recipes. To learn more, continue reading!

7 Tastiest Malai Dishes To Try

1. Anda Malai 

A creamy variant of the basic egg curry is called malai. With just a little onion paste, cream, and milk, you can have a rich white gravy that will turn heads. To finish it off, add some Kesar strands to give it a more polished appearance.

2. Stuffed Malai Kofta   

You can simply elevate the dish by preparing stuffed malai kofta instead of just plain malai kofta. What really more is to be said about this dish? Potato and paneer kofta balls filled with dried fruits and drenched in a creamy gravy. It is very delicious, a little sweet and spicy. Cook this immediately.

3. Malai Spread

Do you want to create sandwiches but don't have any spread or butter? Use malai as a condiment. Simply take some malai and stir it a little with a fork or spoon. After spreading the malai over the bread slices, top them with cucumber, tomato, and other desired vegetables. Serve the sandwich by closing it with a second piece of bread layered with malai.

4. Murg Malaiwala 

One of the most cherished and frequently prepared recipes in your home will undoubtedly be this flavorful and creamy chicken curry. One can be assured that this chicken tastes like a slice of heaven on the plates because the special recipe calls for no oil at all and is cooked entirely in the rich fat of malai and milk. 

5. Murg Malai Tikka 

This chicken tikka, a classic appetisers from North India, is a must-have to enhance almost any meal. One would be lying if one claimed that this recipe didn't sound intriguing. Chicken pieces coated in the deliciousness of cream and curd are slowly cooked in a tandoor till the edges scorch and brown and then brushed off with some butter.

6. Malai Prawn Curry 

There are many chicken and paneer alternatives when searching for malai recipes, but if you want to go in a different direction, try this simple and creamy prawn malai curry. Toss in the marinated prawns and serve with fluffy hot rice. This dish includes coconut milk and curd to create a thick, rich gravy. 

7. Pista Malai Kulfi

A creamy dessert is the perfect way to cap off this list, just like a satisfying dinner does. In only a few minutes, this pista malai kulfi may be prepared, offering a simpler version of a traditional Indian dessert. All you have to do to savour this creamy, gooey, chilled dessert is combine all the ingredients with ice.

There you have it; all you have to do is get ready and proceed to the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. Make these to satisfy your midnight appetite!