7 Lesser-Known Sauce Varieties To Prepare A Chicken Meal At Home
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Some chicken in the kitchen is a beautiful feeling if you love non-vegetarian dishes! Chicken is one of the most versatile meats, easily adapting to a wide range of flavours. Do you know that sauces can improve the overall taste of chicken? Sauces like barbecue and teriyaki are household staples. Hence, making some scrumptious chicken dishes with these sauces is not a problem.  These sauces are simple to prepare at home. You can play around with different tastes and improve your cooking skills. These unique kinds can add a fun twist to your meals, whether you use them to marinate chicken before cooking or to drizzle over a dish that's already been cooked.

A perfect sauce does more than just complement chicken; it transforms it. The right sauce can make a lean chicken breast succulent, a drumstick savoury, and a thigh mouthwateringly tender. The spices, herbs, and other things that go into a sauce can bring out the natural tastes of the chicken and make it even tastier. If you make these sauces at home, you can be sure that your food is healthier, fresher, and more flavorful because store-bought versions often have too much salt and chemicals.

7 Lesser-Known Sauce Varieties To Prepare At Home For Chicken

Cheese And Mustard Sauce

This creamy, mustard-infused sauce is a delightful addition to chicken dishes. Essentially a béchamel sauce with added mustard, it transforms your average chicken breast into a succulent, flavourful meal. Use any mustard of your choice, from English for a strong flavour to wholegrain for a textured sauce. Serve with mashed potatoes, roasties, or jacket potatoes, and a generous portion of steamed green veggies.

Chicken With Black Bean Sauce

Recreate your favourite takeaway at home with this nutritious black bean sauce. Rich in flavour, it pairs wonderfully with chicken and includes extra protein from cashew nuts. The sauce is combined with broccoli, spring onions, garlic, and ginger. Best served immediately with a hot bowl of egg-fried rice, this dish is a tasty, healthier alternative to your local Chinese takeaway.


Balsamic Barbecue Sauce

A tangy barbecue sauce with a South African twist is perfect for chicken. Made with balsamic vinegar, dry mustard, and brown sugar, this thick sauce is best prepared ahead of time. Marinate your chicken in this flavourful mix for at least a day to allow the flavours to infuse. Add a splash of Tabasco for an extra kick. Serve with rice, potato salad, and a green salad for a complete meal.


Spanish Chicken With Beans

This comforting stew, inspired by Spanish cuisine, works as a perfect winter warmer. The sauce is made from chicken stock, sun-dried tomato paste, and smoked paprika, with garlic, onions, and thyme. Chorizo and cannellini beans add protein richness. Prepare the sauce in advance and reheat it with the chicken to cook in its juices. Serve with roast or sautéed potatoes, crusty bread, and garlicky green beans for a hearty meal.


Chilly And Chocolate Sauce

Inspired by Mexican mole, this rich, slightly spicy sauce is a unique marinade for chicken. Made with chilly, tomato, and dark chocolate, it offers a depth of flavour that is both earthy and slightly sweet. Combine with peppers, onions, and spices like cumin and cinnamon. Serve with rice and creamy guacamole for a complete and delicious meal.


Soy And Ginger Chicken

This nutritious alternative to Chinese takeout features a sauce made from soy sauce, ginger, dry sherry, and tomato puree. Packed with peppers, spring onions, and shiitake mushrooms, it’s best stir-fried and served immediately with rice or noodles. Adding bean sprouts for crunch enhances the texture. This sauce brings a nostalgic, homemade comfort to chicken dishes.


Coronation Curry Sauce

An iconic sauce for chicken, often used in sandwiches or with a cold rice salad. Made with tomato puree, korma curry paste, red wine, stock, and chopped dried apricots, it’s blended to a smooth paste and stirred with mayo. Layer it in a crusty baguette with crisp lettuce for a regal sandwich, or serve with a side of green salad for a complete meal.

Exploring these lesser-known sauces for chicken can introduce a delightful variety to your meals. Each sauce has its own unique flavour profile, enhancing the taste and texture of the chicken. By preparing these sauces at home, you can enjoy healthier, more flavourful dishes tailored to your personal preferences. So, get creative in the kitchen and discover your new favourite chicken sauce.