7 Kitchen Tips To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Food Prep Areas

In summer, one of the hectic tasks is to prevent cockroaches from making their way into your kitchen. Once they make your kitchen their home, they will start multiplying in numbers, and soon you will be able to spot them in the drain, shelves, and other nooks and crannies of the space. 

Not only are they unhygienic but also contaminate the food, making it unsafe to cook and consume. You can surely use a few chemical products available in markets to cockroaches from your kitchen, but you need to opt for practices that will prevent them from living in the space in the first place. 


If your kitchen is cluttered, you are attracting cockroaches by providing them a space to thrive. The first step to prevention is decluttering shelves, pantry, drawers, and cabinets. Organise the spaces, remove food items that have expired, store them in an airtight container instead of open boxes, and throw away old newspapers and boxes that you used before for storing and organising.

Clean The Kitchen

A deep cleaning session for the kitchen is a must in summer. Often when you have ketchup bottles, oil containers, and other food organisers leaking or spilling, the space will not only attract cockroaches but other kinds of insects as well. Therefore, deep cleaning will help to get rid of food stains and spills. This will help you maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

Seal Entry Points

If there are cracks in the door, pipes, and windows, seal them, especially around the kitchen. This will prevent cockroaches from entering the space. In the middle of this, do not forget to deep clean the sink where the roaches might be hiding. Do not forget to seal electric and gas outlets as well.

Use Natural Repellents

A couple of natural repellents in the kitchen can help to get rid of cockroaches. This includes cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, and bay leaves. Keep bay leaves in the cabinet or cotton balls soaked in oil on different shelves and drawers. This will prevent the roaches from hiding in spaces and contaminating your food.

Empty Trash Every Day

Your kitchen might have a dustbin to dispose of organic waste like vegetable peel, fruit seeds, stale food, leftover tea leaves, and whatnot. You must dispose of the kitchen garbage every day. It can go bad quickly and add a foul smell to your kitchen while attracting cockroaches to the space. You should also use air fresheners or cockroach repellents under the sink to prevent them from making it their home.

Remove Standing Water

You must have read in the early years of school that standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects. If there are any leaks or drips in the kitchen, you should get rid of them. If the sink has contaminated water, get rid of it instantly. It will soon start smelling foul and start attracting mosquitoes and insects inside the space.

Store Food The Right Way

When it’s your drawer or pantry, always ensure to store food in airtight containers. You can either use glass or plastic, but you must ensure there is no leaking or any opening through which the roaches can get inside and contaminate the food. If you keep the seal of grains, biscuits, pet food, cereals, and other items tight, it will discourage all kinds of pests from ruining your products.