7 Kitchen Products That Are 100% Worth Splurging On

Suppose you were to walk into your kitchen right now and segregate it by category. In that case, you’d be amazed at how many different ‘essentials’ end up being a part of your everyday life…and by how many you don’t remember buying in the first place. While it’s nice to have a selection of knick-knacks and go-to plasticware that you can use (or abuse) at will, there are a few items in every kitchen which are worth putting in the extra effort and extra funds for high quality. These are usually products you know you’ll use on a regular basis or over a long period of time, but to simplify matters, here are the top 7 which you should start investing in for a kitchen that never lets you down.


The baseline of every good kitchen is a good knife and if asked most chefs will name it their No. 1 tool of the trade. The highest quality chef's knife can run pretty high and although the price points are justified as they offer superior sharpness and quality, you don’t have to drain your bank account to get a set that will offer you comfort, good grip and long use.

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Cast Iron Pan

Though the benefits of owning cast iron have been shouted from the rooftops for many years, a lot of people avoid it because they come with an air of high maintenance. While they are different from regular pans, once seasoned properly the first time – a procedure that can admittedly be a bit lengthy – they offer a naturally non-stick surface, even heat distribution and a sturdy, long-lasting base. No brainer.


Mixer Grinder

A good mixer or blender is one of those things you don’t seem to need until you own it and then wonder how you ever cooked without it. Soups, smoothies, spices, there are 101 uses to be found and they can take hours off your workload. But they’re no good to you if you don’t invest in a quality product with durable blades and an engine that won’t conk off in the first month. 


Chopping Board

Again, one of those things we just take for granted in a kitchen. But really examine the dirt and food that gets into the nicks on any plastic board and then try not to think about the bacteria that are multiplying there. A hardwood finish and the largest size your kitchen can accommodate is the goal for a long-lasting, multipurpose board that’s got you covered. 

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Spices And Jars

Though technically two products, they go hand in hand. Invest in quality spices for a more punchy taste that doesn’t fade out over time. And with them get a set of glass and truly airtight jars to ensure that they don’t suffer at the hands of moisture and the elements. You could get one without the other, but it makes much more sense to invest in great spices when you know they’re safe.

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Now this is more of a luxury than a necessity we admit, but if you take into account how much coffee (or tea for that matter) you drink on a yearly basis, it seems only natural to put a little money behind the quality stuff. Health-wise, there’s not much difference between instant and pure ground coffee, but the taste factor alone is worth the extra price tag. Grind the beans at home for extra freshness.

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Olive Oil

Now this is going to be a tough one to swallow, (not literally though, because…oil) but those painfully high price tags on olive oil actually live up to the hype. Good quality olive oil has an entirely different taste. Fresher and lighter than the cut price versions. And if you are using it as a dressing oil rather than cooking oil, it’s worth the splurge.