7 Kasuri Methi Dishes To Unlock The Flavours Of This Herb
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Kasoori methi are the sun-dried herbs of fenugreek, which have a pleasant aroma and deep flavour. Upon sun-drying, these leaves don't require much time to cook and can be used as an ingredient or as a garnish, depending on the dish. Upon sun drying, the flavours of fenugreek gets concentrated, earthy, more bitter and aromatic, and since there’s no moisture, there's no chance of spoilage and you can store it however you want for long. Therefore it's a better alternative to fresh fenugreek.

Kasoori methi is one of the most important ingredients in Indian cuisine and is an integral part of butter chicken, kebabs, and other non-veg and veg curries. Whether you want to make a simple Methi stir-fry sabzi or want to add more flavours to your curry, kasoori methi allows you to use it as an alternative to fresh fenugreek leaves when you soak it in water and also acts as a flavouring substance.

In addition to all the above uses, kasoori methi can also be added to dough for making methi paratha, act as microgreens for your salads, act as an herb for pizza and other recipes, and be added to the tempering for tadka dal or curd. With so many uses and ease of cooking, kasoori methi becomes a saviour when you need to plan a delicious recipe instantly. Here are some recipes you must try for dinner or late-night meals.

7 Recipes You Can Make With Kasoori Methi

1) Kasoori Methi Stir-Fry

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Dried kasuri methi does not require time to bake and churn up overheat. Since the leaves are dry, they soak up moisture quickly and cook within 10 minutes. For making a quick stir fry, soak up a bunch of kasoori methi in some water, let it rise, drain it well and stir fry with onions, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, spices, salt and garlic.

2) Methi Paratha

Instead of aloo paratha, try kasoori methi paratha. Add soaked kasoori methi to the dough while kneading it, along with some spices and cumin seeds. Knead the dough well, divide it into portions and fry over a griddle with some ghee. You can half-fry it and store it in the fridge for the next morning to make it a healthy breakfast too.

3) Kasoori Methi Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is the easiest recipe to make with paneer, as it rules out the need for making a gravy with complicated steps. All you have to do is marinate paneer in some spices along with crushed kasoori methi and yoghurt. And fry it on a grill, in an airfryer or in an oven.

4) Aloo Methi

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You can recall aloo methi as a childhood staple that satisfied the after-school hunger. It is pretty simple to make, with just mashed potatoes, kasoori methi, some spices, cumin and mustard seeds and salt. Just add the ingredients one by one to create a stir-fry and cook the potatoes well to let the flavours come together. This dish can be included to make tasty wraps with roti or used as a filling for sandwiches too. On its own, it can be relished with some hot pooris, roti, theplas, or rice as well.

5) Methi Fried Rice

If you have leftover rice from lunch in your fridge but no gravy or dal to eat with it, you can use it for making fried rice with kasoori methi. Kasoori methi will fulfil the need for any gravy or curry and add flavour to the plain rice.

6) Cauliflower Stir-Fry With Kasoori Methi

Gobhi ki sabzi with kasoori methi sounds like heaven on the plate. A simple cauliflower stir fry can get extravagant with the addition of aromatic kasoori methi. Even just a little crush of kasoori methi will make the difference and you’ll never turn back to old ways of making cauliflower.

7) Scrambled Eggs With Kasoori Methi

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Egg scramble gets a flavourful twist with the addition of kasoori methi. Not only does it work as an herb, but it also enhances the natural flavours without being too overpowering. Simply add crushed kasoori methi while your scramble is almost done and cook it on low flame for five minutes to let flavours absorb.

There you have it. Before this, you might not have realised what you've been missing by keeping your meals devoid of kasoori methi magic. With just a little bit, you can add a new dimension to your daily recipes.