7 Irresistible Shrikhand Pairings For Late-Night Sweet Binge
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Shrikhand is one of those desserts that Indians can proudly say, “It's Ours!” A dessert whose name itself lends a feeling of something festive going on is well-liked on any occasion. It is one of the best desserts for sweltering summer days.

Whether you like to scoop it up with pieces of warm puris or savour it on its own, the amount of pleasure shrikhand will give you is unparalleled by anything else. The hints of saffron and cardamom make it even more pleasing and satisfying.

While shrikhand can be enjoyed just as it stands, there are many delectable combinations you can try that level up the pleasure for you. Try out these lip-smacking shrikhand combos and give your tastebuds a sense of nirvana.

7 Combinations With Shrikhand Worth Trying Out

1) Shrikhand Poori

The classic combination for Shrikhand goes with puri. No matter what flavour of puri you choose, be it beetroot puri, bedmi puri, or even kachori, shrikhand goes well with everything. It is a perfect bedtime snack when eaten in moderation.

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2) Chopped Nuts with Shrikhand

Shrikhand, topped with mixed nuts, becomes a delicious gourmet-style dessert. Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, etc. are all perfect to add to shrikhand. Fold the nuts in the dense cream of shrikhand and again top it as a garnish.

3) Shrikhand Fruit Salad

Shrikhand can beautifully bring together the elements of a fruit salad and present it as a delicious dressing. The layers of cream wrapped around each piece of fruit make every bite a joyous treat. Use a variety of fruits, like kiwis, apples, bananas, mangoes, etc., to bring out the best flavour.

4) Shrikhand Pakora

Using shrikhand as a dip for pakoras might sound intriguing and it's worth trying out. The creamy sweetness of shrikhand complements the salty and spicy flavour, along with the crispy texture of pakoras. Be it moong dal pakora or classic onion bhaji, you can use shrikhand as a dip for these deep-fried treats.

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5) Shrikhand with Tortilla Chips

Homemade tortilla chips, with mild flavours and seasonings, can also be paired with shrikhand as a dip. Homemade tortilla chips are healthy as they rule out the possibility of any preservatives or artificial flavours included. Plus, you get full control over what kind of flavours you want to put in.

6) Shrikhand Roti Roll

When snack preparation feels like a task, leftover roti is always there to back you up. Just use these roti sheets and generously spread Shrikhand over them. Make sure to leave no spot uncovered. Then roll the roti in and enjoy it bite by bite.

7) Shrikhand With Paratha

The luscious sweetness of shrikhand is an ideal match for the crispy and soft parathas. Whether it's aloo paratha, mooli paratha or plain wheat paratha, shrikhand complements the flavours of any paratha of your choice and becomes a harmonious dip.

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Shrikhand can be suitable for eating anytime, especially at night when made with Greek yoghurt. Try out these delicious combos when the craving for something sweet calls.