7 International Chocolate Festivals You Cannot Miss
Image Credit: Unsplash

At many chocolate festivals, chocolate enthusiasts get together globally to indulge in chocolate, purchase it, and spread their passion for it. Do you plan to attend? Nobody can resist the allure of rich, dark, and chocolatey treats. In the realm of desserts, as well as the wider world, it is a timeless classic. In several civilizations, the cocoa bean has a rich and ancient history. That entire festivals are devoted to it in various regions of the world shouldn't come as a surprise. To expand your gastronomic desires, consider including these top chocolate festivals throughout the globe.

Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy

For the aficionado of chocolate, Eurochocolate in the Umbrian town of Perugia, central Italy, is the ultimate event. Over 900,000 people attend the 10-day celebration each year, making it the largest chocolate festival in all of Europe. Should you find yourself indulging in exquisite chocolate while exploring a charming, mediaeval Italian town, Eurochocolate is the ideal destination. There's live music to sway to and intricate chocolate creations to admire. Sample the most well-liked Perugina chocolates in Umbria, particularly the widely recognised Baci, or "kisses" of chocolate and hazelnut. For those who are interested in learning how to cook, the festival also provides chocolate sampling and workshops.

Chocol-Late Festival – Brugge, Belgium

Given its exceptional quality and mouthwatering flavour, Belgian chocolate is among the best-known in the world, so it makes sense that one of the biggest chocolate festivals in the world would take place there. Brugge celebrates chocolate with a big event in November where guests may visit a museum, view sculptures and artwork made of chocolate, consume chocolate, and even paint with chocolate.

Big Chocolate Show, New York, USA

The ideal time to visit New York is in the autumn. Even more reason to visit New York City when it falls during the Big Chocolate Show. One of the greatest chocolate festivals in the US is this one. You get the opportunity to meet amazing chefs, patissiers, and chocolatiers from all around the world for two days. Tasting sessions, culinary demonstrations, and amazing chocolate creations on exhibit are all available.

Discover how to create your own chocolate from beans to bars. Alternatively, attempt to create some intricate chocolate sweets. Learn how to combine it with other wines as well. Kids who are travelling with you will undoubtedly love the beginner chocolate-making workshops. Of course, there is also a tonne of chocolate to sample.

Le Salon du Chocolat, Paris, France

You can count on the world's fashion capital to host an incredibly stylish chocolate festival. The Salon du Chocolat takes place in fifteen places worldwide, ranging from Seoul and Tokyo to London and Milan. For chocolate aficionados, however, the Paris festival is the most anticipated. The chocolate fashion show, which showcases distinctive couture created via partnerships between chocolatiers and fashion designers, is the main attraction of Le Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

Not only are some of these designs influenced by chocolate, but some of them are really made of it! During this five-day festival of chocolate, there are, of course, tastings, chocolate demos from famous chefs, music and dance acts, and more.

chocolART, Tübingen, Germany

The rich aroma of chocolate fills the university town of Tübingen in southern Germany every December. The biggest and greatest chocolate festival in Germany takes place in conjunction with the town's Christmas market. The Old Town becomes a cocoa paradise and world-class chocolatiers and manufacturers present their best works together with tastings, seminars, praline courses, and chocolate art.

Chocolate Week, London, UK

The UK celebrates the magic bean for a whole week, known as Chocolate Week. The fall festival, which takes place in London, is one of the world's greatest chocolate festivals. Enjoy the sights of exquisite and delicious chocolate jewellery and other works of art. It's during this week that some of the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers showcase their latest masterpieces.

The Chocolate Show, where you may indulge in all things chocolate, is the week's finale. Chocolate-infused delicacies, a sophisticated afternoon tea, and sampling are all available. Discover the proper way to temper chocolate or create cocktails with chocolate flavouring. Visit the Chocolate Theatre to observe top chefs in action. In the children's area, your kids may enjoy themselves by tasting chocolate and creating chocolate sculptures.

Chocoa Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam Chocoa Festival is a real pleasure for chocolate lovers who are concerned about sustainable chocolate. In addition to learning about the complexities of chocolate manufacture, you may hear discussions about the origins of chocolate and the current difficulties faced by those who produce it.

Learn about new tastes and how to identify high-quality cacao under the direction of experienced chocolatiers from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and the Netherlands, among other countries. Free chocolate samples are available, along with delicious wine and food combinations.