7 Innovative Ways To Add Yoghurt In Summer Diet
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The health benefits of consuming yoghurt are not hidden. Consuming yoghurt, especially during the summer season, is great for the stomach as it consists of a lot of good bacteria that can support digestion and keep the stomach cool. This can help in preventing the problem of inflammation in the body. However, eating plain and regular yoghurt daily can become boring. 

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This is why a person needs to keep on looking for innovative ways to add yoghurt to their diet. Yoghurt is an extremely versatile ingredient that is not just a side dish but can be used to make the main course as well. Here are some innovative ideas to make yoghurt a part of one's summer diet.

* Yoghurt Dips

Snacking is a very pervasive habit that most people want to get rid of but are unable to. A great way to turn snacking healthy is by substituting unhealthy snacks with healthy foods. Most people like to have snacks with some or the other kinds of dips. These dips are generally sauces that have high amounts of chemicals and preservatives. Instead, one can make healthy yoghurt dips at home. Some yoghurt can be put inside cotton clothes that can be hung in any corner of the kitchen. This process will help in separating the water park from the yoghurt, leaving the cheesy and creamy substance behind. This can be mixed with some herbs like oregano, basil, and other things like Wasabi for making a delicious dip.

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* Morning Cereal

One key tip to follow in summer is to keep the breakfast light yet fully nutritious. A light breakfast doesn't mean that one has to eat less. It simply means that one has to eat more fibrous food that is light on the stomach yet fulfilling. A great summer breakfast idea is to make a morning cereal bowl that consists of some yoghurt, muesli, or some healthy kind of cereal along with fresh-cut fruits like mangoes, bananas, kiwi or avocados. This is an extremely healthy breakfast that gets prepared within a few minutes. It is light for the stomach and has great cooling properties.

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* Salad Dressing

The only way to eat salad regularly is to keep inventing the salad recipe. A great way to instantly revamp the taste of a salad is by using a delicious salad dressing. One can make a delicious salad by taking the vegetables and fruits of their choice and chopping them into small pieces. Now, one has to take a bowl of yoghurt and add some mint leaves, lemon juice, and herbs like oregano and chilli flakes to it. The mixture must be mixed properly and then poured over the salad.

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* Fruit Bowls

Fruit bowl is one of the healthiest snacks and is extremely delicious. The best part is that one can customise it as per their convenience and preference. One can take some Greek yoghurt and then add it to freshly chopped fruits. For a better taste and texture, one may also add some chopped dry fruits and nuts and a little bit of honey for that extra sweetness. All the mixture must be properly tossed before being eaten.

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* Smoothies

Smoothies are extremely easy to prepare and also do not take a lot of time. One can make smoothies with the help of whatever fruits are available at home. To give a smoothie a creamy, luscious texture, one can add some fresh you got instead of adding milk. To make it less thick, one may add some water to adjust the consistency. A smoothie made from yoghurt and fresh fruits is going to be lip-smacking and very healthy. This can be one's pre-workout or post-workout snack as well.

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* Popsicles 

Popsicles are generally considered an unhealthy treat. But making popsicles at home in a healthy way is a great idea to eat whatever one wants, but in a healthy way. One can easily make popsicles at home by blending some yoghurt with fruits and dry fruits of choice. This mixture should be poured inside popsicle moulds and then refrigerated until everything sets properly. One can put some sticks inside these popsicles and enjoy them on hot summer days.

* Quinoa Side

A great way to use yoghurt as a side dish is to eat it with dry grains like quinoa or oats. Quinoa can be made by using a lot of vegetables, giving it a pulao-like touch. On the side, a person must add some yoghurt and consume it for lunch or dinner. Yoghurt has a considerable amount of protein and calcium and is a great addition to quinoa, which is fibrous and very digestible.