7 Indulgent Energy Ball Recipes That You Will Keep Making
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A lot of times, one has to leave unexpectedly and at the last moment. In a situation like this, one doesn't have the time to cook a meal and eat something just before stepping out of the house. However, going out without eating anything is not something that anyone should do because the body needs at least some amount of energy to sustain until one has a proper meal. In this case, having some ready-to-eat snacks in the pantry or the refrigerator acts as a lifesaver. 

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Now, by snacks, we do not mean some packaged chips or high-sugar drinks that are sold under the label of being healthy. These healthy snacks can be made at home when one has the time in a large quantity and stored properly so that one can consume them whenever they want to. Energy balls are a great source of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre, all of which are necessary when one is stepping out. Here are some energy ball recipes that you can try making this summer.

* Caramel Balls

Caramel ball is a no-bake energy ball recipe that is made by mixing some dark chocolate with small, chewy caramel balls. In this mixture, one will have to add some shredded coconut that infuses a lot of fibre along with oats, a little bit of honey, and flour of choice to give it a stern shape. The best part about these balls is the fact that they only take 15 minutes to be made properly.

* Blueberry Lemon Balls

Blueberry lemon balls are just the right kind of on-the-go snack that one needs when one wants to have something refreshing and fulfilling as well. As the name suggests, the most evident flavours present in these lemon balls are that of blueberries and lemon juice. In this mixture, one has to add some walnuts that will not only add crunchiness but also be great for the health of the brain. For sweetness, one can add a little bit of maple syrup.

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* Cocoa Pistachio Energy Balls

Cocoa and pistachio energy balls are made by taking some dried cherries and mixing them with finely chopped pistachios. This is a sweet and salty energy ball because of the presence of pistachios and cocoa, at the same time. It is just what one needs to satiate their sweet cravings healthily. In this mixture, one needs to add some almond butter to give it a chocolatey touch. This can be served at any time of the day and even packed as a light snack for trips.

* Apple Pie Energy Balls

An apple pie energy ball is a no-brainer as it is easily made and will also give the body an instant boost of energy. It is refreshing, powerful, and extremely delectable in taste. One has to simply caramelise some apples in a little bit of sugar syrup. In these caramelised apples, add some flour, along with honey and a lot of chopped dry fruits. Make small balls out of this mixture and keep them in the refrigerator until they are set properly.

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* Coconut Energy Balls

A coconut energy ball is a blended mixture of everything good and healthy. It is made by mixing ingredients like dates, sunflower seeds, salt, vanilla, essence, and shredded coconut to make this indulgent and unique energy ball. It is like a mismatch of different flavours that somehow makes sense in the end. All that one will need is a blender to make sure these ingredients are properly used, and then small balls will be made out of the blended mixture.

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* Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Peanut butter is a fan favourite when it comes to baking and making a lot of desserts. Thus it is impossible not to include a peanut butter-based energy ball in this list. To make these simple yet very tempting energy balls, one has to take some peanut butter and add ingredients like oats, dry fruits, and a lot of chopped nuts to the mixture. One can also add chocolate chips, blueberries, and other types of seeds if they want to enhance the flavour.

* Iced Lemon Balls

Iced lemon energy balls are a no-bake flavour option for people who want to make something healthy in the form of a dessert. Its bright yellow colour looks so tempting. The flavours of lemon juice are balanced with dates, and instead of using any regular flour, this energy ball is made with millet flour and almond flour. One has to make sure that the dough of these energy balls is kept as chilled as possible, and one has to keep brushing one's hands with powdered sugar to prevent the dough from sticking to one's hands too much. On the top, one has to use some glazed sugar to give the balls their signature look.