7 Indian Preparations Feature In Global List Of 50 Best Stews

Cementing the heritage and diversity of Indian cuisine further, the various curries are having their moment in the spotlight this time around as Taste Atlas released its list of 50 Best Stews in the World. Featuring keema in the top 10 on the 6th rank, followed by the Bengali chingri malai curry and korma at ranks 18 and 22 respectively, the three delicacies enjoy a pride of place within the top 25. In addition to these, Goa’s vindaloo ranks 26, whereas vegetarian favourites of dal tadka and Shahi paneer find a place at ranks 30 and 34.

Joining them at rank 38 was the iconic misal from Maharashtra as well as a collective representation on the various varieties of dal at number 50. While each of these dishes are relished with great appreciation within India – where some of them are even considered to be staples, it is also a reflection of the variety that our culinary landscape has to offer. Balancing the vegetarian and non-vegetarian aspects beautifully, Indian cuisine has begun to make waves worldwide.

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What was also most interesting to note about this year’s rankings were how impactful Asian flavours have been, in influencing the way people have begun to enjoy different delicacies. Curries like the Phanaeng curry from Thailand and the Massaman curry – as well as other iterations like the green curry and Rendang curry made their presence felt high on the list. Tell us what your favourite type of curry is, in the comments and where to enjoy it in your city.