7 Indian Coffee Blends To Warm Up Your Soul

Coffee not only replenishes the mind but also replenishes the soul with flavour and the warmth in every sip. It may be a bitter-tasting beverage for someone who doesn't like coffee, but to a coffee lover, it is the sip of goodness that they crave to function right. 

Coffee originated in the 17th century in India with two different types of classification: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica was a superior-tasting coffee with lots of smoothness and earthy flavour to it. On the other hand robusta is a coffee which is more strong and has a concentrated bitter taste to it. Coffee was first introduced in Karnataka, from where it spread slowly to different parts of India. Arabica is grown in higher altitudes, while Robusta is obtained from lower altitude plantations. 

Regardless of type, every coffee blend obtained from different regions and areas is famous for its unique flavour known all over the world. Coffee blends can be purchased as coffee beans, grounded coffee powder, and concentrated liquid according to the availability. If you don't want to go through a coffee-making process from filtration to refinement, then you can also purchase instant coffee blends for similar flavours available in the market. 

Let us go through seven most popular coffee blends in India to try. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Malabar Monsoon Coffee Blends: Monsoon Malabar coffee blend is one of the most popular coffee blends that one can find. It originated from the British Raj in a place called Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The coffee can be made with filter roasting, and it gives out the tasting notes of earthiness with a slightly spicy hint, and it also has a nutty flavour. The coffee is very well in demand. The coffee beans are sorted as superior AA arabica and are known worldwide.

2. Strong Kerala Coffee Blend: If you are looking for something strong and traditional to filter coffee, then you need to try a strong Kerala coffee blend. These are very aromatic and bitter to taste. Also, the caffeine intake is very high in little concentrations of these coffee grounds. It is a robusta coffee blend and is served with various kinds of delicacies. The taste of this coffee is very kicking and familiar to what we know as filter coffee. 

3. Tiger Mountain Coffee Blend: If you like creamy dark coffee, then make sure to try this coffee blend because Tiger Mountain coffee blend from Darjeeling is one of the superior quality coffee beans that you can try as arabica coffee. Tiger Mountain is famously known for its coffee production. The coffee beans are very creamy and cloudy to taste, with lots of sweet notes and aromas to them. The coffee beans are carefully grown organically to maintain their quality and can be purchased as grounded or bean extract. 

4. Peaberry, Karnataka Coffee Blend: Kerkeicoondah Estate is known for growing the best Peaberry, Karnataka coffee blend. The coffee blend is unique as it gives a robust flavour which can be classified as peanutty and creamy at the same time, with the hint of citrus and malt chocolate. The coffee bean is very rare and difficult to obtain but the taste is very worth it to try. The coffee blend is robust with a little bit of bitterness that naturally compliments the taste notes and makes a soulful coffee. 

5. Mysore Espresso Coffee Blend: Mysore Espresso Coffee Blend is one of the most famous six coffee beans that are demanded worldwide from India. Mysore coffee beans originate from Mysore itself and have a very robust and earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness. The coffee beans can be obtained in the form of concentrated instant coffee powder or roasted and grounded options. If someone is looking to try something famous and known, then they can definitely go for this option to enhance their experience and delight their taste buds.

6. BabaBudangiri Coffee Blend: BabaBudangiri Coffee Blend is a premium blend. It has very fruity and floral notes, which represent mango, papaya, pineapple, and other tropical fruits. It has lots of sweet notes to it with a hint of creaminess. It originates from the high mountain Range (Bababudan Giri) of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The coffee comes under the superior arabica assortment and is famously known for its creamy delight. If you are a coffee enthusiast and you love the sweet notes of coffee, you must try this once. 

7. Kutadu (Coorg) Coffee Blend: If you are not a fan of coffee beans that are too acidic, then you can try out this coffee. It is grown in particular weather conditions and shade to maintain the essence of the coffee beans to give a perfect flavour. The coffee is very nutty and delightful in flavour with hints of earthiness. A premium robusta coffee, you can taste and experience. The taste is very mild, but the caffeine concentration is very strong in these small beans. It is perfect for coffee lovers and those who don't like strong-tasting coffee.