7 Incredible Cooking And Baking Substitutes For Coconut Cream
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Coconut cream is a rich and creamy white-coloured liquid which is produced by the puree of fresh coconuts with water. Coconut cream approximately has 24 percent of fat in it. It has a creamy texture and flavour that is slightly nutty and sweet.

Coconut cream is also commonly used as a substitute for heavy cream for people looking for more a natural alternative. The interesting fact is that coconut cream has a more naturally sweet flavour than heavy cream. So if you want to make sure your recipes turn out the same even without coconut cream or simply want to experiment with new ingredients then keep on reading as the best coconut cream substitutes are listed below.

Coconut Milk

Undoubtedly the best substitute for coconut cream is coconut milk. Both the products come from the same source thus having many similar properties and most importantly, the flavour. Although coconut milk has a runnier texture than coconut cream, you can use other thickening agents such as cornstarch while coconut milk will help you get the flavour of coconut cream.

Heavy Cream

If you are someone who is bored of coconut cream or simply isn't a fan of its flavour then heavy cream would be a great alternative for you.

Its rich and velvety texture is a true delight and each bite can resemble the mouthfeel that coconut cream provides. Although heavy cream doesn't have a sweeter flavour profile than coconut cream but rather neutral. So if you want to amp up your dishes, you can add herbs, and sugar from your end to make sure your recipes taste delicious.

Evaporated Milk

Don't be confused, evaporated milk is not the same as regular milk. What separates regular milk and evaporated milk is that the latter goes through a refining process that eliminates most of the liquid from milk and only the milk proteins remain afterwards. It results in thicker milk which can be perfectly substituted for coconut cream.

Low-Fat Yoghurt

If you are someone who is looking for a healthy option, then low-fat yoghurt is for you. It is creamy and tasty and if you go slightly overboard with yoghurt, it won't harm as much as other alternatives would.

You can add it to baked goods such as cakes, breakfast bowls, overnight oats, curries and stews.

Coconut Butter

Just like coconut milk, coconut butter is another alternative for coconut cream which comes from the same source. Coconut butter is also known as creamed coconut so don't get confused. Coconut butter is produced by dehydrated ground coconut meat and it is a semi-solid creamy paste. It can be used in many sweet and savoury recipes.

Tomato Puree

In curries and sauces, tomato puree or passata is an intriguing substitute for coconut cream. It will move the flavour profile in a whole other (but excellent) direction.

It's a fantastic option for individuals who choose to avoid the sweetness of coconut cream because it has a tangy, slightly acidic flavour instead.

Silken Tofu

Another nutritious, dairy-free alternative to coconut cream is silken tofu. By combining tofu and water, you may make a protein-rich replacement with the smoothness of coconut cream.