7 Hummus Pairings To Try For A Perfect Late-Night Snack
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Hummus is made of boiled and mashed chickpeas, seasoned with mild spices and salt. Chickpeas are a source of an amino acid called tryptophan, which gets converted into melatonin, a sleep hormone, as well as serotonin, a happy hormone, which induces a feeling of relaxation and promotes sleep.

Along with being a delicious sleep tonic, hummus is also a source of protein, which infuses a feeling of satiety. All of these qualities make hummus a perfect late-night snack treat when you want to nibble something to satisfy your cravings. Hummus can go well with a variety of pairings and complement the flavours as a side dish or a dip.

Homemade hummus can be stored for up to 3 to 4 days in the fridge, whereas store-bought hummus can last for 6 to 7 days after opening. You can prepare the hummus beforehand and nibble it with your favourite pairings whenever cravings call. From tortilla chips to papdi, check out these amazing combos with hummus and make yourself an effortless treat.

7 Pairings With Hummus To Try

1) Hummus with Nachos

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Hummus goes extremely well with tortilla chips. Store-bought chips might have some extra artificial flavourings and preservatives, so it's better to make them at home. With homemade chips, you can have control over the ingredients and make them way healthier.

2) Hummus and Vegetable Chips

Vegetables like beetroot, carrots, raw bananas, kale, potatoes, etc. can all be made into chips at home in some easy steps. Instead of deep-frying, try air frying or baking to ensure no-oil cooking. Pair these chips with hummus for the night and enjoy it.

3) Hummus As A Sandwich Spread

Using hummus as a spread on a sandwich highlights every ingredient and brings a luscious depth to the dish. The sourness combined with a thick texture makes any kind of sandwich delicious.

4) Dip for Vegetable Salad

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If eating vegetables turns you off, you can pair it with hummus as a dip. Dipping every bite in the cosy goodness of hummus brings all the flavours together and infuses a delightfully pleasant savoury taste.

5) Vegetable Wrap Spread

The creamy texture of hummus allows it to be used as a convenient spread for wraps and rolls. Hummus can be a healthy replacement for cheese, butter, and store-bought sauces and ketchup. You can alter the flavours of hummus as you like to match them with the contents of the wrap.

6) Dip for Pakoras

The creaminess of hummus complements the crispy texture of pakoras and bhajis. Again, to rule out the deep-frying process, you can use air-frying or baking to cook your pakoras and bhajis. Dunk the pieces of pakoras in hummus and scoop up a generous amount to enjoy its flavours.

7) Hummus with Papdi

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Pairing hummus with papdi gives it an Indian twist. You might have only heard of pairing hummus with tortilla or pita chips, and just like that, it goes well with papdi too. Try out different flavours of papdi, from herby to spicy to plain, and enjoy it with different flavours of hummus.

Hummus can be your ally when you're looking for something satisfying and comforting late at night. Try out these different pairings and savour some healthy nibbles when cravings call.