7 Handy Tips To Deep-Clean Your Home Bar & Crockery Cabinets

The inevitable mound of cleaning that socialising at home can lead to, can feel like a drag on days when you just don’t have the energy or time. Be it special parties for Holi or Diwali, or a relaxed Sunday dinner, rearranging your home to make it comfy for guests demands a deep-clean of the tableware storage and the home bar. If your expensive crystal needs packing up or liquor cabinets need to be restocked, a few handy ways can make the post-party deep-cleaning feel like fun.

Set A Routine

One of the most effective principles of cleaning is to make it a habit by taking time out to clear-up immediately after your guests have left the premises. Do the bare minimum by stacking up dirty glasses, segregating and throwing out bottles, disposable cups, as well as wipe the surface of your home bar with a disinfecting solution.

Sort Cabinets & Bar Accessories

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Playing bartender at the party will bring you the cheers but undoubtedly throw your organisation into disarray. Adapt quick techniques to clean up surfaces and cabinets – including wiping them with a soft cloth doused in some soapy water to get rid of grime, tough stains or spills and sticky substances. Soak the bar tools in warm water and vinegar, followed by a scrubbing with a sponge before rinsing.

Organise The Bar

To organise your barware and tableware once dried, divide all your elements into categories. ‘Marie Kondo’ your way to place bar tools, glasses, coasters, napkins, stirrers, shakers, decanters, jiggers and other equipment in drawers or organisers meant for each category. Similarly, stack up trays, plates and smaller pieces of crockery in a manner that allows them to sit comfortably in your cabinet. It is also advisable to use a damp cloth to wipe down bottles before rearranging them in the liquor cabinet.

Restock Supplies

Home hosting means you will run out of tissues, disposable stirrers, napkins, cups and other paraphernalia required to serve cocktails. A couple of days after the party, make a quick run to the store and replenish the essentials. Restocking would be a blessing for your next party as you will already be equipped with bar essentials.

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Clean Bar Surroundings

If you happen to have any kind of art or decorative canvas frames dotted around the bar, wipe them down along with the glassware and coasters with a damp cloth while also checking for scratches. Similarly wipe the knobs or handles of your tableware cabinet once you have put back everything in its designated place.


Use napkins and towels that can be washed and reused to reduce wastage. Opt for steel shakers and stirrers which can be cleaned using soft, eco-friendly detergents. Use recyclable cups and plates to serve food and drink if you are hosting a large crowd. If your budget allows you to rent cutlery, that would be an ideal hack to reduce garbage and have a great time without harming the environment.

Maintain A Checklist

A wise hack to keep a welcoming home bar and brimming crockery cabinet, is to have a weekly maintenance checklist. Clean-up the tableware and glassware, wipe surfaces regularly, and dust everything once every few days to keep your cabinets looking up to date. An efficacy in keeping your bar clean on a regular basis will ensure that it is always ready to host guests.