6 Easy Tips To Maintain Bone China Crockery
Image Credit: Bone China Crockery

Bone china cups and crockery are made from 30 per cent phosphate, which is found in animal bone. Although bone china crockery has the highest mechanical strength and resistance, they also need to be handled with great care. Often, when there is a party in the house, the pottery of bone china is taken out and then put on the shelf in a hurry. And due to our slight carelessness, this crockery cracks or breaks. If you take care of some things, then you can keep this special crockery safe for a long time.

  • Keep track of weight: If you keep large plates or utensils of bone china together, then don't put too many utensils at once. If any spoon or container of the set is damaged, then the whole set can be spoiled. To avoid this, do not keep more than 6-8 utensils at a time, as it can damage the plates and crockery.
  • Maintain space between crockery: Most people keep the crockery on top of each other due to lack of space. But because of this, their paint can stick together, and the pottery can become frail. To prevent this, keep soft pieces of paper in the middle.
  • Wipe dishes carefully: After washing the bone china utensils, turn them upside down and keep them on a soft cloth. When the excess water is removed, wipe it with a light hand. This will not damage the print of the pottery.

  • Too much hot or cold water: Washing crockery in very hot or cold water can cause them to break or crack. Therefore, it is better that you wash the dishes with lukewarm water or room temperature water.
  • Don't wrap in the newspaper: Most people wrap dinner sets and crockery in the newspaper. Do not do this, as this can cause the newspaper's ink to get on the ceramics causing your set's brightness to fade.
  • Use syncline: If you apply a rubber or soft towel sink line, the pottery will not crack or break even if you accidentally slip it by hand.