7 Gifting Ideas For The Budding Chef In Your Life

Oil Mister

For anyone that’s trying to be a bit more healthy, this Oil Mister will be a godsend. It dispenses just enough oil to coat your food without going overboard. It’s also a convenient replacement for cooking sprays and allows you to control which oil you’re using. Whether you use it to coat your air fryer or just when putting in a tray bake for roasting, we guarantee it will simplify every budding chef's life.

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Cooking Thermometer

Whether your friend is a baking fiend or a grill master, a kitchen thermometer is a handy tool to have around. When it comes to making candy, a controlled temperature is everything and this digital tool will help you get an accurate read down to within a few degrees. Also since it reads to a high level, it can also be used to check oil temperatures and be used as a meat probe to ensure that your meat dishes are cooked to perfection.

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Bread Maker 

Is there anything as alluring as the smell of freshly baked bread? With this electronic bread maker, you can start every day with a fresh loaf. Although it’s a little on the pricy side, it also has functions for kneading dough and cakes so it's not just a one-trick pony. For those who have large families or are confessed carb-lovers, we’re sure this invention will be a welcome addition to the kitchen.

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Cast Iron Pan

One of the most iconic moments in every amateur chef's journey is the introduction of their first cast-iron pan. These creations need a lot of love and care but also have an incredibly long life and make a huge impact on the quality of your cooking. This skillet comes pre-seasoned (although we recommend doing another round, just to be safe) and is perfect for dishes that need to transfer from the stovetop to the oven with minimal fuss.

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Garlic Press

Ask any chef what their least favourite part of cooking is and they’ll probably say the preparation stage. This hand-held garlic press takes a lot of the stress out of one of the most fiddly parts of any recipe. Just push down on the clove and scrape out your garlic, no more chopping required!

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Mortar and Pestle

In the age of electronics, most people rely on mixers and grinders to do most of the heavy blending work, but sometimes old-school really is the best way to go. Having a mortar and pestle on hand is useful when a recipe calls for a rough paste or when you want to really extract the full potential from a blend of herbs or spices. 

 ASIN ID - B081VLP5FF   

Multipurpose Chopping Board

Save your chef friends multiple trips to and from the sink with this ingenious little innovation. With the ability to pop out into a tub, you can rinse, drain and chop with one device. It saves on kitchen space and will speed up your kitchen work no end