7 Fruity Ice Cream Ideas For Summer Indulgence
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Summer heat calls for a chilling ice cream treat that calms the soul and satisfies the cravings for something sweet and delicious. Everyone has fond memories of eating ice cream on the porch during summer holidays and no matter how many times you eat it, it's just as delicious.

As the summer heat goes up, it's natural to crave a freezing ice cream cone loaded with flavours that melt in the mouth. But considering the hot weather outside, the last thing you want to do is step out and head to the grocery store, leaving the comfort of AC at home. Whole store-bought ice creams are delicious, when you think of travel and the heat it doesn't seem as convenient.

So, why not make ice cream at home? With only a few ingredients and your favourite fruit stored in the fridge, you can make delicious ice cream at home without much hassle. Plus with home ingredients, you can make large batches without caring about the price. Check out these fruity ice cream recipe ideas you must try.

1) Mango Ice Cream

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Bring the tropical flavours to your kitchen and make this warming mango ice cream. It is made with fresh ripe mango pulp pureed to a smooth paste and combined with a sweetened cream or custard base. Add milk, condensed milk, or yoghurt to enhance the creaminess. Beat the cream well and let it sit in the fridge overnight to freeze it well. Scoop the ice cream once set and serve it on plates or cones.

2) Mixed Berries Ice Cream

Add the fun of berries to your ice cream with this mixed berry recipe. In it you can combine all the luscious berries like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries to create a savoury sweet ice cream. Form a coarse blend of mixed berries and combine it with whisked heavy cream and condensed milk. Add some sweetening if the flavours are too savoury and let the beaten cream set in the fridge overnight before serving.

3) Apple Ice Cream

Apple has a mild sweet flavour that goes without a notice. When combined with whisked cream, apples bring a delightful hint of tart with sweetness, making it utterly delicious. Just make a smooth puree of apples and combine it with whisked cream and condensed milk. Then add small bits of chopped apple to the cream to add the bite and chill it overnight to serve the next day.

4) Roasted Apricot Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

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Roasted apricot brings a comforting sweet and tart flavour to ice cream which gets sticky when roasted in the oven. Combined with the bitter and nutty nodes of chocolate chips, this ice cream feels like nirvana in every lick. Adding a pinch of salt balances the sweetness and brings the flavours together with a contrast.

5) Blueberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Blueberry and chocolate chips are a heavenly combination to try with ice cream. Add whole seeded blueberries or make a coast pulp to bring a new depth of flavour, you can choose how you want to add the berries in ice cream. Adding chocolate brings an amusing nutty bitter flavour to the cream and complements the sweet tartness of blueberries.

6) Buttermilk Peach Ice Cream

When the savouriness of buttermilk combines with the sweetness of peaches to create a luscious melt-in-mouth dessert, the result is a heavenly frozen treat. Buttermilk cream has a unique acidic flavour with a luscious creaminess. When blended with peach puree, it creates a mouthwatering ice cream for summer.

7) Roasted Plum-Cardamom Ice Cream

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As you know roasting enhances the original flavours of fruit, intensifying their sweetness and bringing out deeper notes making the ice cream more flavourful. Roasting plums in the oven before putting them and adding to ice cream adds a concentrated sweet flavour with hints of tart. Adding cardamom enhances the refreshing flavour, making it the perfect treat for taste buds.