7 Fruit-Based Desserts To Relish This Summer Season

Different fruit desserts are essential for keeping the body hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the summer. Fruits are a great option for preventing dehydration and enhancing immunity in hot weather because they are naturally high in water content, vitamins, and antioxidants. Fruit desserts, sorbets, and puddings, please the palate with their array of flavours and textures, in addition to their pleasant sweetness. 

Summer desserts are not only delectable pleasures but also important contributors to our general well-being during the warmer months because they encourage healthy eating habits by 

including nutrient-rich fruits in meals. Here is a list of different fruit desserts for summer:

1. Mango Pudding: 

Mango pudding is a sumptuous dessert in which the mangoes are combined with the soft and rich texture of the pudding, which is enticing and refreshing. To have it, prepare the mangoes with ripe flesh later on, chopped and pureed, combined with milk, sugar, and gelatin, or agar-agar as well, for setting. It's chilled until firm to allow for serving it at a very cold temperature of 0 degrees.

The reason why mango pudding is key in summer is the rejuvenation and hydration it provides. It is just the best to taste the summer and not only the fruit but also the dessert itself. This difference makes mango pudding the favourite treat of all on hot days.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Florency Dias

2. Melon Granita: 

The melon granita crafted from mixed melon puree with sugar and lemon juice is a wonderful cool and frozen dessert treat. To get the texture well-whipped and fluffy top-like, just freeze it and scrape it with a fork after that. The summer season, which is the time of melon granita by its very nature, is the most necessary thing because it is a refreshing and hydrating treat, ideal for the hot weather. It is an excellent and nutritious alternative to sweet food sugar as its sweetness is natural and it has a fruity taste. As well, it tastes so good that it refuels the body for busy days under the hot sun.

3. Berry Popsicles: 

A mixture of berries such as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry is what is used in berry popsicles, which are frozen desserts. The decorations will be cereals of different forms and colours, as well as nuts and seeds blended with a bit of sugar and honey. Afterwards, it will be put into moulds and frozen until it becomes frozen as ice. The perfect dessert for summer are these ice pops are essential in providing a refreshing and healthy complement to scorching hot weather. They are indeed refreshing and healthy frozen desserts, natural as well as rich in vitamins, which makes them suitable for coping with the heat and staying hydrated in hot weather.

4. Fruit Custard: 

A wonderful summer dessert called fruit custard is made by bringing together the sweet taste of the custard and various raw fruits. Custard is made by dissolving custard powder in milk while stirring to avoid lumps, after which it is boiled in milk until it thickens. A custard that has cooled mixtures of fruits cut into pieces, such as bananas, apples, grapes and mangoes. Summer is the time to enjoy light desserts like fruit custard; everything oozing with different tastes and the feel of the summer breeze. The interesting mix of natural fruit gives a feel of coldness whenever it is fresh.

5. Amrakhand: 

The dessert that is famous in India is made from sugar, cardamom, saffron and curd. This curd is stirred to prepare it, the plain yoghurt is incorporated with sugar until it is a smooth mixture of sugar with the mango puree and cardamom powder added for flavour. Amrakhand is flavorful, and it is chilled as well, a beautiful treat on hot summer days. As the summer days become longer with the sun beaming down, this sweet and cooling delicacy provides a perfect escape from the heat with its combination of sweet taste and cold temperature. It is served chilled with some toppings of nuts and saffron.

6. Banana Kulfi: 

The banana kulfi is prepared from bananas, milk, sugar, cardamom, and almonds; they are all ingredients of a creamy and tasteful frozen dessert made of fruits and milk. The product is made by mashing bananas, milk, sugar and spices in the blender; afterwards, the mixture is put into moulds and frozen until the ice cubes are solid.

Naturally enough, it is one of the most desirable desserts in the summer because it is truly satisfying in the battle of temperature throughout the summer. Beyond this, kulfi has become so amazing that it captivates more and more people due to its original flavour, which is a banana's sweetness which makes it great taste and hydration for summer mornings.

7. Strawberry Falooda: 

A delicious dessert and drink that is very popular in the summer is strawberry falooda. To make it, fill a tall glass with boiled vermicelli, diced strawberries, sweetened strawberry milk, basil seeds (sabja), and vanilla ice cream. Add some chopped nuts and a little rose syrup as garnish. The creamy smoothness of the falooda combined with the strawberries' flavorful bursts makes for a delightful and decadent dessert that's ideal for hot summer days. This cold delicacy offers a welcome break from the heat.