7 Foods Essential For Muscle Recovery
Image Credit: Unsplash

A muscle strain is likely to occur during a strenuous workout session. Lifting heavy weights and the physical exertion one puts their body through while working out is very strenuous for the muscles, and we must give our bodies the time and nutrients needed for muscle recovery before working out again the next day. A high-protein diet promotes quick and easy muscle recovery. Recovery diets emphasise rebuilding, repairing, and refuelling. Getting enough carbs and proteins, as well as drinking plenty of water, is the key to faster muscle recovery. Here is a list of foods that can be included in a recovery meal.

1. Eggs

Eggs are a nutrient-dense food that athletes prefer due to their high bioavailable protein content. Consuming them after a workout promotes muscle recovery.

Although many people prefer to eat only egg whites, research suggests that whole eggs may be a better choice after exercise. Researchers believe this is because the nutrient-dense yolk contains vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids like vitamin A, selenium, zinc, and the fatty acid palmitate, which may speed up muscle protein synthesis.

2. Paneer

Cottage cheese, also known as paneer, is high in casein, making it the best source of whey protein available. Casein allows your muscles to recover even while you're fast asleep, so having paneer as a recovery meal sounds not only delicious but also healthy! Casein also helps to keep muscles from breaking down after a strenuous workout, so having it as a post-workout meal isn't a bad idea.

3. Nuts

A handful of nuts can help you recover quickly. Having assorted nuts is probably the simplest solution because one does not even need to prepare a meal for this! On days when you are too tired to cook, have some nuts with milk and you will be fine. Nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, which aid in the repair of worn-out muscle tissues while also preventing inflammation.

4. Tart Cherries

You lift and lower heavy objects, which can put a lot of strain on your body and potentially lead to inflammation. If you're planning a heavy lifting session, drink a glass of tart cherry juice before and afterwards. According to the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition, tart cherry juice can reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

5. Spinach

Popeye the Sailor Man's strength was attributed to spinach. Remember how every time he ate spinach, he gained the strength to fight? Well, spinach has the ability to refuel and energise the body after a strenuous workout. Because it is high in electrolytes, this green veggie replaces all of the electrolytes lost through sweat and aids in the recovery of your body.

6. Turmeric

According to research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, turmeric contains the inflammation-fighting antioxidant curcumin, which has been shown to reduce what is known as delayed onset muscle soreness. This spice has compounds that support muscle healing while reducing muscle injury and inflammation, improving athletic performance. Curcumin also reduces inflammation and pain by inhibiting the actions of pro-inflammatory enzymes and chemical pain messengers.

7. Dairy

Milk and other dairy products are excellent for muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. Cold milk is not only refreshing, but it also fuels the body. Milk's high protein content aids in the repair of worn-out muscle tissues. The sodium content of milk also aids rehydration.