7 Flavourful Bhindi Dishes To Try This Summer
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Bhindi is a vegetable that is native to East Africa, but quite popular in a lot of Asian countries. Generally, it is cultivated in countries with tropical and subtropical environmental conditions. The vegetable is green and quite slender in shape. As per a report published in the journal Molecules in 2021, bhindi is very helpful in treating cardiovascular and digestive diseases. It also has antibacterial and anti-fatigue effects on the body.

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Being rich in vitamin K, iron and folate, it can also help in combating the problem of anaemia. Having this vegetable during summer is great for the body as it can support better digestion as well as facilitate the production of red blood cells in the body. Coming to its taste, it has a mild and earthy flavour which, when combined with the right type of spices makes the most delicious main course dishes and appetisers. Here are some Indian-style bhindi dishes that one must try this summer.

* Bhindi Pulao

Bhindi pulao is a lesser-known recipe which is made by cooking diced pieces of okra, rice, and other vegetables like carrots, onions and tomatoes together. This is a very healthy and flavourful one-pot rice dish that combines the goodness of different vegetables. One can choose to add whatever vegetables that are available at home other than okra. The pulao is lightly seasoned with some conventional Indian spices like salt, chilli, garam masala, and cumin seeds. The resultant dish is fresh, flavourful, and very fulfilling.

* Bhindi Kadhi

Bhindi curry is a fusion dish and an innovative take on the conventional yoghurt kadhi recipe that is popular in many parts of India. A thick curry made from yoghurt, gram, flour, turmeric, red, chilli, salt, and some other spices is made. Inside the curry, one has to add some tempered bhindi pieces that are properly immersed in the curry until they absorb its flavours. This can be served with flatbreads as well as steamed rice.

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* Bhindi Fry

Bhindi fry is a crispy and flavourful snack-like dish that can be accompanied by evening tea or even roti. It is made by soaking vertically chopped bhindi in a batter made from chickpea flour, water, and some spices. After dipping it in the batter, the okra has to be deep-fried in oil until it becomes golden brown. These okra fritters can be combined with some homemade chutney for the best flavours.

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* Achari Bhindi

Achari bhindi is one of the quintessential ways of making bhindi in India. It is made by first slicing a piece of okra in half and stuffing it with the spice mixture of turmeric, salt, red chilli powder, and sukha dhania. Now on the side, a tangy gravy is prepared by using a purée made from fresh tomatoes, spices, mustard seeds, and some onions along with ginger and garlic.  Inside this gravy, one has to add the stuffed okra and then mix everything properly. The mixture has to be cooked on low heat for 15 minutes before serving. 

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* Bhindi Masala

Bhindi masala is a dish that can be made when one is running short on time and wants to have something delicious with roti or rice. This sabzi is made by dicing okra into small pieces and then sautéing it with some fresh onions, tomatoes, and light spices, like turmeric, salt, red chilli and cumin seed powder. All of this has to be mixed well on low heat until the bhindi is properly cooked and soft. 

* Bhindi Salad

Bhindi chaat is one of the most unfamiliar recipes on the list. This dish is a must-try for people who are tired of eating regular salads made from conventional vegetables like cucumber, celery and avocados and want to try something different. It is made by combining small pieces of okra with tomatoes, and onions and mixing it with tamarind chutney and chat masala. Once everything has been mixed properly, sprinkle some lemon juice on the top for the final touch.

* Bharwa Bhindi

Bharwa bhindi is a spicy, tantalising and satisfying main course dish that can be served with different types of flatbreads. One has to cut bhindi in half and then stop it with spices like turmeric, red chilli powder, human seeds, different types of nuts, and some herbs like basil or thyme. This has to be cooked with some onions, tomato purée and sukha dhaniya until the okra absorbs the tomato puree properly and becomes dry. It can then be served with any kind of flatbread.