7 Essential Tips To Cleaning Your Induction Stove Effectively
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Induction stoves are a handy kitchen appliance that enhances your cooking technique and overall cooking experience while also adding a sleek and smooth look to your kitchen, especially in the age where minimalist designs have taken over almost everything. But after regular cooking and use, it is bound to get dirty and stained. If you are someone who prioritises keeping all your appliances in pristine condition, then let us discuss the best tips to clean induction stovetops to make sure they stay sparkling while also ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen.

Unplug Before Cleaning

This is a step that you must take before you get down to clean your stovetop. To ensure the safety of yourself and your family, unplug the stovetop before cleaning to avoid any electrical accidents.

Prepare Properly

Before you get started with using cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing liquid, make sure you properly wipe the stovetop surface and then begin with the actual cleaning. This ensures an even and smoother cleaning experience.

Dishwash Liquid

This is arguably the most convenient method you can use. Most households, if not all, at least have one dishwashing liquid. You can simply add a few drops of that solution to warm water, dampen a cloth in the water, and dip it in the liquid solution. Then all you have to do is rub the surface of the stovetop gently to remove any impurities, stains, or dirt.

Use Vinegar

Another simple yet effective hack for cleaning your induction cooktop is using vinegar. Vinegar is a pantry staple, and most households have a bottle of vinegar in hand. To make a vinegar solution, all you have to do is simply mix the same amounts of vinegar and water together, but make sure the type of vinegar you are using is white. Dip the cloth in the mixture and wipe away the stains for a sparkling stovetop.

Try Baking Soda

Another effective way to clean your induction stove is by using baking soda, which is another common pantry ingredient, just like vinegar. Make a baking soda solution by mixing the baking soda with lukewarm water. Just like before, use a cloth, dip it in the solution, and rub the surface to get rid of any impurities and stubborn stains.

Avoid The Use Of Excess Water

As you are dealing with an electronic device, you must be careful with the amount of water you use. The use of excess water could enter the machinery of the induction stovetop and harm or damage its parts. Also, make sure you don't allow the water to enter the areas where it can enter the stovetop.

Make Sure The Stove Has Cooled Down

One more thing that you need to remember when cleaning your stovetop is to make sure it has completely cooled down after use. Do not start cleaning when it is still too hot, as you could hurt yourself in the process, and any liquid could also damage the surface and the stovetop.