7 Easy And Effective Tips To Keep Food Warm For Hours
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A common problem that most people face, irrespective of the season, is the packed lunch getting cold by lunchtime. Not everyone has the privilege of warming their lunch at the workplace and often ends up eating cold food only. Some people, on the other hand, do not like to warm their food again and again, especially in microwaves, as it can pose certain threats to their health. 

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This is a major problem for school-going children and a common reason why they don't finish their lunch. But to everyone's surprise, there are a lot of effective hacks that can be simply followed to ensure that the food doesn't get cold instantly. These hacks are quite effective in keeping the food warm and soft till midday, even on cold days.

* Using Thermos

Using lunch boxes that have a good quality thermos is going to change the way that one packs their lunches. Good quality thermos are extremely effective in keeping the food warm for longer hours. It is the best option if one likes having soups and stews for lunch but avoids packing them because they get cold easily. Thermos are equally efficacious in keeping dishes like pasta and noodles warm for a longer duration. Thermos not only helps keep the food warm but also preserves its freshness. The food tastes extremely fresh even if it was packed in the lunchbox a few hours ago.

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* Boiled Water Technique

Using this boiled water technique, one can improve the heat retention of the stainless steel lunch boxes. To follow this tip, one can simply make this a habit and a part of their morning routine. One has to boil some water and then fill the stainless steel containers with this water. The lids of the containers must be sealed properly so that the heat is trapped inside the containers. One should let these containers rest and meanwhile prepare the lunch. Just before packing the lunch in the lunch boxes, the water must be discarded, and the containers must be cleaned properly with the help of a napkin. The stainless steel containers absorb the heat from the water and keep the food warm for a longer time.

* Using Heat Packs

Using heat packs to keep the food warm is also a practical way of not letting the food get cold for a long time. The small heat packs can be bought from the market and filled with warm water every day. The heat pack must be kept on the base of the lunchbox, and it adds an extra source of heat for the food. This is an extra dip for people who like their food, extremely hot and cannot compromise on this aspect. These heat packs will help ensure that a person has an enjoyable experience during their lunchtime without having to warm their food again and again.

* Keep Cold And Hot Food Separate

A  common mistake that most people make while packing their lunches is keeping hot and cold food together. Even if one is using thermos or other cold-resistant lunch boxes, any type of cold food must not be packed with hot food. One can consider buying a bag that has proper dividers so that one doesn't have to carry different bags, and yet the different types of food are stored separately. This ensures that both types of food remain undisturbed from each other.

* Aluminium Foil

Using aluminium foil to pack food is a common practice that has been followed in most Indian households for years. Rotis and Paratha packed in aluminium foil are cherished childhood memories for most people. Aluminium helps retain the food's warmth and keeps it fresh for a long time. Many people believe that aluminium foil is not a healthy option to store food. Hence, one can opt for other options like reusable aluminium foil sheets or parchment paper for wrapping food.

* Using Insulated Containers

Using insulated containers that help maintain the temperature of the food till lunchtime is another useful idea to keep the food's warmth and freshness intact. Insulated containers help keep curry or stew fresh for a very long time. These containers are usually available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be used to store different types of foods.

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* Using a Hot Water Bottle

To keep the food warm, one can use a thermal plastic bottle filled with warm or hot water and keep it near the lunchbox. These bottles come with a hollow interior that helps insert warm water. One must not use water that has a boiling temperature as it might lead to damage to the bottle's material. Using slightly warm water is a better way of keeping the food warm. One must also seal the lid of the water bottle properly and keep it near the lunchbox. This adds a layer of warmth to the food.