7 Easy-To-Digest Foods You Can Eat Even With A Stomach Bug
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Coping up with a stomach bug, whether it is because of something you ate or just because of the season, can be quite a challenge for anybody. At a time when nothing stays in your stomach for long without you ending up making frequent trips to the bathroom or puking it all up, the very notion of eating anything can alarm you. But the fact is, even with a stomach bug, you need to eat something because recovery is simply impossible if your stomach is empty and your body too week. And yet, eating just about anything is not the solution either. 

The right choice to make when you are down with a stomach bug is to eat foods that are very easily digestible. These easy-to-digest foods are essential because they help clear out your gut and create a better, healthier environment in the digestive tract. Any stomach bug is likely to erode your digestive system of its healthy gut microbiome, and eating digestible foods can help you get that back in order for a quick recovery. What’s more, with a major system of the body down, you are also susceptible to infections and other diseases, which is why keeping your immune system intact in working form is very important. 

Easy-to-digest foods can really help you recover faster and get your health back on track. So, if you have a stomach bug and are wondering what foods to eat now, here are some options you can explore. 

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Bananas are considered to be easily digestible because they have a very simple composition dominated by soluble fibres like pectic, amylase and natural sugars. The USDA says that 100 grams of bananas have 1.7 grams of dietary fibre which also improves digestion because it adds less strain on the digestive system. All of these nutrients break down very easily in the digestive tract, allowing for quick absorption. Bananas are also packed with potassium, which is an electrolyte that can prevent stomach cramps and discomfort.  


The USDA says that boiled spinach has very low dietary fibre amount, only 2.4 grams per 100 grams, which is why is easy to digest. With its high water content and delicate cellulose structure, spinach has compounds that support the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which also helps with recovery from stomach bugs. The chlorophyll in spinach also helps calm down the digestive system while enzymes called thylakoids improve appetite, creating a more conducive environment.  

Boiled Chicken 

Boiling is one of those cooking techniques that breaks down proteins and makes them more easily digestible, which is why eating boiled chicken or light soups made with boiled chicken broth is recommended as a must-eat when you get a stomach bug. The USDA says that boiled or braised chicken breasts have next to no carbs and dietary fibre, which makes this food very easy to digest indeed. More reason to get some chicken soup when you have stomach issues? Absolutely.  


The USDA says that raw apples without any skin on has as low as 2.4 grams of total dietary fibre per 100 grams, and most of these fibres are easily soluble too. So, apples are definitely one of the most easily digestible foods in the world. Further, apples are loaded with pectin and insoluble fibres that aid the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which in turn is likely to help you get back to optimal health. If your stomach bug is too severe, you can also eat applesauce, which is an even more easily digestible form of apples.  


Yellow or ripe pumpkins are very easy to digest especially when they are boiled or steamed because the process itself breaks down the fibres in the veggie further. The USDA says that boiled pumpkins have only 1.1 grams of dietary fibre, but they are loaded with plenty of essential minerals and vitamins that can boost your immunity while getting your digestion back on track. Pumpkin also has plenty of natural enzymes that improve nutrient absorption and minimise stomach discomfort.  

Steamed Fish 

Did you know that when people in fish-eating cultures like Bengal get a stomach bug, their go-to food is not fruits and vegetables but boiled fish curry that is minimally spiced? This is because boiled or steamed fish has low dietary fibre and yet manages to provide your immunity a boost with its high and soluble protein content. The USDA says that steamed fish like salmon have 25.78 grams of protein per 100 grams, which is quite high and not the only essential nutrient this ingredient provides. Loaded with magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin B12, steamed fish is certainly a dish you should eat when down with a stomach bug.  

White Bread 

On any given day, white bread made with refined flour would be a no-no because of its low fibre content. And yet, when you have a stomach bug, eating this very food can help. The USDA says that white bread has very low fibre content per 100 grams and yet manages to provide 10.7 grams of protein, and substantial amounts of calcium, potassium and phosphorous. So, eating plain white bread can indeed improve your digestion while filling up your system enough to sustain itself until you are healthy again.