7 Easy Tips To Make Traditional Indian Halwa Healthier
Image Credit: Halwa | Image Credit: Freepik.com

No matter where you are or what the weather is like, a bowl of hot halwa will put you in a better mood. You do not need any specific season to enjoy the delicious halwa coming straight out of your pantry. All you need is a small amount of time to prepare it.  

Halwa is an Indian dessert that has made its way to every person’s heart owing to its rich, indulgent flavours and comforting texture. Whether made from semolina, flour, or grated carrot and sweetened with sugar or jaggery, halwa offers a delightful balance of warmth and sweetness. However, after indulging in a bowl of halwa, some health-conscious people suffer from a sense of guilt. Though it's a hit with sweet lovers everywhere, halwa's high-calorie content can tempt you to cheat on your diet. This article will provide you with ways in which you can make your bowl of halwa a bit healthier.  

Here are some of the tips that will make your halwa healthier: 

  • Use Whole Grain Flour  

One of the most important aspects of making halwa healthier is by using whole-grain flour as it has additional nutritional value. In whole grains, the bran and the germ layers are retained which are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Opt for grains like whole wheat (atta), millet, oats, or any others. However, if you’re making halwa with any pulse or vegetable, then there is no need to make changes in the dish.

  • Reduce Or Replace Sugar   

Reducing the amount of sugar used in halwa can significantly make it healthier. Excessive sugar intake can cause diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and others. Replace sugar with jaggery, honey, or maple syrup which allows you to cut the calories in the halwa, especially for those on a diet and on a weight loss journey. Besides, using less sugar allows the natural flavours of other ingredients such as fruits, nuts, and spices to shine through.  

  • Limit Ghee Or Oil  

To make your halwa a bit healthier, limit the usage of ghee or oil. They are loaded with saturated fats and excessive consumption may lead to high cholesterol levels in the body. Besides, lowering the quantity of ghee or oil helps to cut down calories and fat content of the dessert. Instead of ghee, you can opt for healthier alternatives like coconut oil or olive oil which makes the halwa lighter and less greasy.  

  • Use Natural Flavourings  

Using natural flavourings like cardamom, saffron or cinnamon not only offers a burst of flavours but also resists the usage of artificial flavour enhancers. These spices offer unique and aromatic profiles to the halwa and are also loaded with a set of health benefits. You can always use these natural flavourings in your halwa to make it taste better.  

  • Include Nuts

Nuts in halwa are added to enhance the taste and structure but also boost the nutritional value. Nuts like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts are nutrient-dense which makes the halwa healthier. Incorporate an ample amount of nuts into the halwa while cooking as well as garnishing.

  • Choose Low-Fat Milk

Certain halwa like gajar ka halwa is cooked in milk. To make the halwa healthy, there is no need to skip the milk, instead, you can swap it. You can switch full-fat milk with low-fat milk. Even with low fat, you can still achieve a creamy texture in halwa without the addition of excess fat.  

  • Portion Control  

Halwa is high in calories and sugar which may lead to weight gain and other health-related issues. By practicing portion control, people can indulge in halwa without overloading their bodies with excess calories and sugar. Besides, portion control prevents overeating.