7 Easy & Healthy Dishes Prepared Through Broiling Technique
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Summer heat can be intolerable, and most people do not like spending a lot of time in the kitchen during summer. In this case, referring to easy and quick cooking options is always great for making one's favourite dishes and recipes. Broiling is a simple and easy technique that can cook food extremely fast and give it a wonderful texture. 

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This technique is generally used to cook meat with thin cuts. The process of boiling is carried out by using an electric oven that acts as a heat source. Many people often confuse broiling with grilling, but it's quite different. To make summertime easy, one can go for a broiler as it cooks food instantly without requiring a lot of time. Here are some top foods that are cooked with the help of the broiling technique.

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* Salmon And Chilli Lime Mayonnaise 

Salmon and Chilli Lime Mayonnaise is a tender and scrumptious salmon recipe that can be prepared in almost 15 to 20 minutes. To cook this dish at home, one has to take some juicy and fresh salmon. This salmon must be cleaned properly and then slathered in a lot of lime juice, mayonnaise, and spices. Adding some Harissa and fresh coriander leaves is going to enhance the flavour of the dish even more. This mixture has to be put inside the broiler and will be prepared in 5 to 7 minutes.

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* Tandoori Style Chicken

To make Tandoori-style chicken at home, one doesn't need an expensive tandoori oven. This chicken can be cooked simply in a broiler, and one will get the same taste as tandoori chicken. To make this chicken, one has to first marinate the chicken pieces in yoghurt and a lot of spices. This mixture is then charred under the broiler until it gets cooked properly. It is always better to use dark meat to prevent the meat from getting excessively dry during the process of broiling.

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* Japanese Style Broiled Eggplant

Japanese-style boiled eggplant is a traditional Japanese breakfast recipe and is quite popular among the people of Japan. This dish is prepared by first peeling the skin of the eggplant as it fastens the process of cooking. The eggplant is broiled after being seasoned with katsuobushi, ginger and some sliced scallions. A layer of soya sauce is also added to the eggplant to give it a nice extra flavour. This is an extremely light and nutritious recipe that is opportune for breakfast.

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* Lemony Potatoes 

Potato is a versatile vegetable that goes along with a lot of different issues as an extra side dish. One can have potatoes in boiled form, mashed form, and even as french fries. Lemony Potatoes is an extremely flavourful recipe that is perfect to be served as a side dish on special occasions. Thin slices of potatoes must be cut perfectly to ensure that the broiler can cook all of them easily. The main flavouring ingredients in this recipe are lemon juice and halloumi cheese. These ingredients have to be nicely distributed over the potato slices. One can also add herbs of their choice along with some salt and black pepper for extra flavour.

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* Broiled Shrimp

Broiled shrimp is an extremely quick recipe that is prepared very easily at home. To make broiled shrimp at home, one has to first pre-heat the broiling sheet. The broiled shrimp must be infused with a lot of butter and Harissa sauce. The shrimp must be broiled very carefully so that the juiciness of the shrimp is maintained, and yet it is crusty from the outside. This is a quick recipe and can be prepared when one wants to serve something delicious to unexpected guests.

* Juicy Steak

Cooking steak in a broiler is the best way to enjoy some juicy and well-cooked steak. The best way of broiling steak is by using a frozen steak, but one can go for the one that is stored at room temperature as well. Adding a lot of butter will add moisture to the steak and make it more tender. One can add flavourings and toppings of their choice. The steak will turn out soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

* Stuffed Jalapenos

Stuffed jalapenos are an excellent appetiser to start the party on the right note. The jalapeños are stuffed with some bacon, but one may go for the stuffing as per their preference. The stuffing should be infused with some delicious herbs and spices to give it an extra kick of flavour. Just before putting the jalapeños into the broiler, some fresh cheese must be sprinkled over the jalapeños.