7 Dried Mango Recipes And Snacks To Try This Summer
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The process of drying the mangoes helps preserve them for a longer period of time. It is made by removing the water content from fresh mangoes. Dried mango contains vitamins and minerals that are present in fresh mangoes. As per the National Library of Medicine, it has vitamin A, vitamin C and fibre. These nutrients are vital for maintaining a healthy immune system and digestion as well.

Dried mango can be consumed instead of candy and other sugary snacks, as it provides natural sweetness and has no artificial ingredients. Simply slice fresh mango slices into thin pieces and dry them in the oven at a low temperature. Eat it as a healthy snack or add it to recipes for a tangy twist; either way, it is a delicious option.

7 Dried Mango Recipes And Snacks To Try This Summer  

Dried Mango and White Chocolate Scones

Dried mango and white chocolate scones are a delightful treat that comes together quickly and easily. The sweet dried mango pieces add bursts of tropical flavour and a chewy texture that contrasts nicely with the soft, tender interior of the scone. When paired with creamy white chocolate chunks, the mango is balanced out, creating a blend of flavours.

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Dried Mango Energy Bites

Dried mango energy bites are a tasty snack that give you an energy boost. That's because it has lots of B vitamins that help lower stress. When you mix chopped dried mangoes with roasted nuts and blend them, you get a sweet and crunchy energy bite.

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Dried Mango Walnut Squares

The mango walnut squares are perfect for summer with their delicious flavours. The buttery base, chewy mango, and walnut filling make them irresistible. They are great for summer gatherings or as a light dessert.


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Fig and Dried Mango Salad

This salad offers a variety of textures. You'll find the sweet, tangy, and chewy dried mango combined with the soft and slightly juicy figs that have crunchy seeds. The dried mango adds sweetness, and the figs provide chewiness, creating a delightful mix.

Dried Mango Lime Tart

This delightful tart is made without baking and is so simple to create. The creamy texture comes from blending raw cashews, while the refreshing taste comes from juicy mangoes, tangy lime juice, and plump raspberries. 

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Dried Mango Muffins

These dried mango muffins are easy to make and very soft. 

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They have sweet, dried mango pieces inside that taste a bit sour and chewy. They're perfect for a quick snack.

Dried Green Mango Dal

This tangy yellow lentil dal is simple and satisfying, made with toor dal and dried green mango slices. 

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It's a perfect dish for summer, served with roti or over steaming basmati rice.