7 Different Ways To Add Mushrooms To Your Breakfast
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Most people are on a constant expedition to find different types of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients for making breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is made early in the morning when most people are always in a hurry. But at the same time, it's pretty important because one has this meal after incessant fasting of 7 to 8 hours. The challenge is to strike a balance between time efficiency and nutrition. 

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At the same time, one has to be practical and make sure that the breakfast is also delicious as one can easily get bored of eating eggs again and again. Mushrooms are an absolute boon for people who want to have something delicious in their breakfast and yet something that's also easy to cook. As they come in different varieties, one can make a lot of dishes and enjoy their various health benefits like abundance of vitamins, promotion of cell growth, maintaining a healthy immune system, and many more. Here are some delicious mushroom breakfast recipes that are a must-try for everyone.

* Mushroom Avocado Toast

Give a crunchy and savoury twist to the regular avocado toast by adding a layer of some well-tossed mushrooms on top. This is a simple and almost no-cooking breakfast recipe that is simply made by making a regular avocado toast and then assembling 5 to 6 pieces of toasted and lightly seasoned mushrooms on top of the avocado toast. It is a healthy, fulfilling, and addictive breakfast.

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* Mushroom And Cheese Omelette

For the people who love having some omelette early in the morning, but are looking to spice up their omelette a bit, the mushroom and cheese omelette is going to be a life-changing recipe. To make these omelettes, one has to stir. Fry some mushrooms in a pan until they become golden. Now simultaneously prepare the batter for an omelette and cook it on a pan until it's properly cooked from one side. Add some cheese slices inside the omelette so that it melts properly and then add the stuffing of stir-fried mushrooms inside the omelette.

* Mushroom Tomato Hash

Mushroom and tomato hash is easy to prepare and made by stir-frying some diced tomatoes, along with mushrooms, potatoes, onions, and some other vegetables if one would like to add until they become golden brown and crispy. Simply season all these vegetables with salt and a little bit of black pepper and garnish everything with some fresh coriander leaves. It is a flavourful, nutritious and hearty breakfast.

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* Mushroom And Kale Smoothie

For people who do not like eating a lot early in the morning, having a light and healthy smoothie is the best way to go about the day. Mushroom and kale smoothie is an innovative take on the conventional kale smoothie recipe. One can make the smoothie by using lots of kale, bananas, almond milk and mushrooms. One can also add some protein powder if they want. All of these ingredients have to be mixed in a food processor. Let it chill in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes and serve it by adding a bit of honey.

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* Mushroom Sandwiches

A flavourful and scrumptious mushroom stuffing in properly toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread is not just a perfect breakfast recipe but can also be packed in lunch. One can make the stuffing for the sandwiches by using some source of protein such as chicken, eggs, or cottage cheese. A person can add some crunchy and fresh vegetables like lettuce, bell peppers, and spring onions for a better texture.

* Mushroom Breakfast Casserole 

Mushroom breakfast casserole can be made over the weekends for breakfast when one has enough time and would like to make something extra special. It is a satisfying and very attractive breakfast casserole dish that is perfectly layered with mushrooms, cheese, bread and sausages. Instead of using sausages, one can add anything else such as soya, paneer, tofu or anything else as well. The final step is to pour some beaten eggs on the top and it is baked until all the layers are cooked properly.

* Mushroom And Zucchini Fritters

Mushroom and zucchini fritters are crunchy, delectable, and very simple to make. These are made by grating some zucchini and then mixing it with mushroom, flour, eggs, and some fresh herbs. Then these are mixed and given the shape of small balls and ride on a pan until they are crispy. These can be paired with some homemade chutneys like coriander or tamarind chutney.