7 Delicious Dishes To Make With Jackfruit Seeds
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Jackfruit, often referred to as the "jack of all fruits," stands as a testament to nature's culinary ingenuity. This versatile tropical giant hails from the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia, and its immense size and peculiar appearance might be deceptive to the uninitiated. 

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While the sweet, fleshy pods of the jackfruit have gained popularity as a meat substitute in vegetarian and vegan cuisines, the seeds, often overshadowed, possess a culinary potential that remains largely untapped.

The jackfruit seed, encased within a thick, protective outer layer, boasts a robust nutritional profile. Rich in protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fats, these seeds offer a wholesome addition to any diet. Till now, if you have thrown away all the jackfruit seeds, then here are seven delicious dishes that you can make with them instead of throwing them.

Jackfruit Seeds Curry

In India curry can be made with any ingredients, and even jackfruit seeds don't get spared. The seed's rich and nutty flavour adds a special flavour and texture to the curry when simmered for long. Usually, this dish contains an array of aromatic spices, coconut milk and fresh vegetables to result in a nutritious and heartwarming meal. Being a South Indian dish, it is often served with hot rice. 

Jackfruit Seeds Stir-fry

Pan-roasted jackfruit seeds are the star, offering a nutty undertone, while vibrant vegetables add a burst of colour and freshness. Seasoned with aromatic spices, this stir-fry harmoniously blends savoury and mildly sweet notes. The result is a wholesome, protein-rich dish that celebrates the earthy essence of jackfruit seeds. 

Palakottai Podi

Palakottai Podi is again a South Indian ingredient that is made from the humble jackfruit seeds. These seeds are roasted to perfection and then ground into a fine powder; however, an array of aromatic spices are added to the blender to give the powder a boost of flavour. This podi or powder is enriched with an earthy, nutty flavour, and it is often added to rice, dosas and curries to make them flavourful and enhance their texture. 

Kothal or Achaar

Kothal, or jackfruit seeds, transform into a culinary delight when crafted into a flavorful achaar. Infused with a blend of aromatic spices, the seeds offer a unique texture and nutty taste. Slow-cooked in a medley of mustard oil, fenugreek, and assorted spices, the achaar unveils a burst of tanginess and earthy flavours. Accompanying various dishes, this delectable creation not only elevates the dining experience but also showcases the versatility of jackfruit seeds in regional cuisines.

Kothalor Guti Pitika

Kothalor guli pitika is an Assamese dish that is basically a mash made from jackfruit seeds and other spices. To make this side dish, the seeds are roasted or boiled, and then, after removing the skin, they are mashed to form a paste with other ingredients like mustard oil, green chillies, and aromatic spices. This dish is extremely popular in Assam and other northeastern states. Often accompanied by hot rice, it creates a perfect balance of textures and tastes and is a part of traditional Assamese cuisine. 

Jackfruit Seed Pakora

Jackfruit Seed Pakoras are a delightful culinary creation, blending flavours and textures effortlessly. The seeds, often overlooked, reveal their potential when coated in a spiced chickpea flour batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. These pakoras boast a nutty crunch from the seeds, complemented by a medley of aromatic spices. Served hot, they make for a crispy and satisfying snack or appetiser, perfectly paired with tangy tamarind chutney or minty yoghurt dip.

Kathal Bichir Dal

Kathal er bichi diye dal, or khathal bichir dal, is a dish that originates primarily from Bengal. This dish features soaked and boiled jackfruit seeds and lentils, specifically moong dal. The amalgamation of lentils and jackfruit seeds results in a rich, hearty and filling dish. Complemented with spices, this dish is served with steaming rice, and it is often enjoyed as a main course.