7 Coriander Dishes For Late-Night Summer Indulgence
Image Credit: Pexels

Let one of these delectable coriander recipes liven up your life and bid bland meals farewell. Though the name derives from the Greek word koris, which means bed bug, coriander is one of the most widely used herbs in the world! With its fresh, citrus flavour and green, leafy appearance, it is a priceless garnish and flavour enhancer. 

The berries, known as coriander seeds when dried, are delicious, as are the fresh leaves and stalks. Now planted all over the world, the plant is native to southern Europe and the Middle East. Most people identify coriander with Asian Central and South American cuisine. It works best when added to foods right before serving for the finest flavour. Keep reading to know more!

7 Coriander Dishes To Try

1. Oven Fries Spiced with Coriander

Herbs and potatoes go together like apples and bananas. Potatoes are essentially great for spices and herbs. Even although you can create a spice combination for your potatoes, occasionally it's best to just emphasise one spice to let its own flavour come through. Lots of coriander will make the fries far more interesting and delicious. You can keep it for your midnight hunger pangs. 

2. Chapli Kebab

A speciality of Pashtun cooking, minced mutton is used to make this spicy meat patty. Chapli kabab has a distinct flavour from spices, including mint, green chillies, dried coriander and pomegranate seeds. Though it is sometimes claimed to have originated in Peshawar, chapli kabab is now a favourite throughout India. Its name comes from the Pashto word chapprikh, which means flat. Traditionally, naan bread, salads and yoghurt sauce accompany chapli kababs for a great dinner.

3. Moqueca Apixaban

From the Espírito Santo region comes the classic Brazilian stew, moqueca capixaba. Fish, lime juice, coriander, and attractively coloured annatto vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and garlic make up its preparation. In a panela de barro, a clay pot used for cooking stews, the seafood should only be stacked with other ingredients, and the heat should be increased so the stew simmers on its own. Sometimes, chilli peppers are added for a little kick. Usually eaten alongside white rice or pirão, a creamy manioc porridge, is moqueca capixaba. If you are up for something new, you can try this too. 

4. Tempeh

Before being deep-fried, thin slices of tempeh, a fermented soybean product, are dipped in batter enhanced with ground coriander, sliced scallions and garlic. Because this tempeh variation is just briefly fried, the tempeh stays soft and moist while the outside gets crispy. Serve this tempeh with sambal, various dips made with chilli, or kecap manis, an Indonesian sweet soy sauce.

5. Vegetable Aji

Made with cilantro, oil, queso fresco, lime juice, garlic, onions, and chilli peppers, aji verde is a Peruvian sauce. Mayonnaise is included into the sauce to give aji verde a little creamier texture. Although it works well with freshly made bread, it is advised to serve this sauce with a range of fish, pork, and rice dishes.

6. Coriander Chicken Curry 

For those who are not very good with heat, start with the chicken and coriander curry. Because the recipe just utilises one green chilli, the heat will be just barely noticeable but not enough to induce sweating. This is incredibly adaptable to suit your taste and is distinctive at the same time if you love coriander. A wonderful curry dish to serve your guests for a midnight meal. 

7. Pico de Gallo

Made with a blend of coriander, onions, tomatoes, and hot peppers like jalapeños or serranos, pico de gallo is solid in consistency, unlike most other salsas. Because it is so easy to make—all that needs to be done is chop, season, and mix—pico de gallo is a huge favourite. A perfect side for any occasion. 

Coriander is a fascinating and adaptable herb. Cooking in India, Thailand, Mexico, and China often calls for coriander. Coriander is used in salads in other nations like Russia. Since heat can ruin its delicate flavour, fresh coriander is best used at the very end of cooking. Discover more by trying these dishes!