7 Cookbooks That Are Perfect Gifts For Every Home Baker
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Giving a cookbook as a gift is a personal gesture, as people frequently give cookbooks that hold special importance for them—they could be a reminder of their early years, a go-to cooking buddy, or a source of courage to do new things. Baking books with practical recipes and easily understood procedures are the ideal presents for baking enthusiasts, whether they are seasoned pros or just starting out. You'll find sensible and enthusiastic recommendations here for the next baking book you purchase, whether it's for a friend or yourself.

Sinfully Easy Delicious Dessert

The recipes by baker Alice Medrich, which are both tasty and flexible, are what make Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts a beautiful read. The book is essential for anybody with a sweet craving who lacks the time to prepare complex sugary masterpieces since it has a variety of quick dessert recipes, such as custard, pie and cake recipes, in addition to over 100 easy, no-bake dishes. A section on "the dessert maker's basic pantry" is also included by Medrich, where she lists all the sweets you may create whenever the whim strikes as well as the items you should always have on hand in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.

Cheryl Day's Treasury Of Southern Baking

Cheryl Day's instant hit, Treasury of Southern Baking, has over 200 delicious recipes. The owner of Savannah's Back in the Day Bakery, the self-taught baker, is the author of this New York Times bestseller cookbook and highlights the American South with its traditional, made-from-scratch baked products and anecdotes that provide lots of heart and historical context. The book is also full of brilliant ideas and tricks, such as blanching peaches to make peeling them simpler.

Crumbs & Doilies

The renowned London-based bakery Crumbs & Doilies is well-known for its rainbow-coloured layer cakes and cupcakes that are covered in icing. Ninety of the bakery's staple recipes, including cupcakes, cookies, traybakes, layer cakes, and more, are shared by bakery creator Jemma Wilson in her cookbook. Along with plenty of helpful advice on how to design your cakes to Crumbs & Doilies-worthy perfection, bakers will also discover equipment lists. Anticipate whimsical flavours—baklava cupcakes, anyone? Brightly coloured baked goods, and plenty of fun.

Finch Bakery

The well-known Finch Bakery in Blackburn was founded by sisters Lauren and Rachel Finch. They shared the recipe for their decadent brownies, inventive cake jars, and lovely drip cakes with readers in their cookbook. With a wealth of advice to help you perfect anything from varied piping methods to a flawless icing finish, Finch Bakery is all about taking your baking abilities to the next level and producing bakes that are worthy of Instagram.


Lucky "Bakewise" bakers have scientist and chef Shirley O. Corriher at their side, offering guidance and support at every turn. 200 recipes are broken up into five chapters by Corriher. Each begins with an overview, giving novice bakers some context and guidelines. For those with greater expertise, she offers advice and baking science that will refine already-acquired skills. No book compares to "Bakewise" for its exceptional handholding.


Delectable, like her well-known earlier book, The Last Course, is chock-full of confections and sweets that highlight the finest aspects of each season. Delectable, on the other hand, is a more casual companion to The Last Course, which included restaurant-style sweets that appeared to be intended for the experienced chef. The book includes recipes for both informal get-togethers and formal events. Among the more complex dishes, such as spumoni and semifreddo, readers will discover recipes for scones, cakes, bars, and savoury snacks.

Professional Baking

An all-encompassing and trustworthy method for learning the fundamentals of baking, perfect for beginners and early-career pros. Best-selling author Wayne Gisslen provides a thorough and approachable introduction to baking procedures, including the selection of ingredients and appropriate mixing and baking processes, in the revised Eighth Edition of Professional Baking. In a clear, approachable manner, the book covers makeup and assembly as well as creative and skilled decorating and presentation. The formulae and recipes' thorough method instructions are the same as in earlier editions. Links to technique videos, glossaries, audio pronunciations, arithmetic lessons and quizzes complement the straightforward story to help professionals and students improve both basic and advanced abilities.